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Sometimes you will have only a handful of user accounts to add at a particular time. Administrators can add a new user account quickly and easily through the Users and Security utility's Create User page. From this page, you can assign a username, authentication method and security roles.

Note: If you are adding more than ten new users, you may submit a Work Request to create those accounts in bulk. If you are adding fewer than ten new users, it is more efficient to create the accounts manually.

Creating a New User Account

➤ To create a new user account:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Users and Security in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Below the Users and Security page title, select Add a New User.
  3. Type the user's first name, last name and email. The user's middle initial is not required but may be useful to differentiate faculty with the same name.
    The Create User page showing the general information fields
  4. Select the user's authentication method.
  5. The Authentication drop-down list will show your available authentication methods. If there is only one authentication method in place, Faculty Success will automatically select it for you.
  6. In the Activities Database section, check Yes if this user will have information about his or her activities stored and tracked in Faculty Success.

    You will want to select this for most of the Faculty Success accounts you create. The default is to have the box checked. You must unchecked this box if the user is not someone for whom you have to store activity data – for example, if the account is for a student worker who is assisting with data entry.

  7. Select the user's College(s) and Department(s) from the lists, if applicable.

    If Faculty Success does not list this user's college(s) or department(s), you will need to submit a Screen Revision(s) work request to add it to Faculty Success. 

    Note: Once the initial user setup is complete, you can edit a faculty's college and department assignments from the Yearly Data screen.

  8. Select all security roles that you want to give this user from the Security Roles list. For more information, see Changing a User's Security Roles.
  9. Important: Making changes to users' security at the college and department level will not affect their college and department assignments.

    Review your choices for this user account and then select the Save button.

    Important: Faculty Success uses the first name, middle name, last name, and email address entered to populate the respective fields on the user's Personal and Contact Information record. We use the college(s) and department(s) selected for the user to create a Yearly Data record, which corresponds with the current academic year.

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