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Faculty Success can save you time by creating user accounts in bulk. Faculty Success administrators may submit a CSV file with the requisite information via a User Creation work request.

Note: If you are adding more than ten new users, you may submit a User Creation work request. If you are adding fewer than ten new users, it is more efficient to create the accounts manually.

User Creation Formatting Requirements

When preparing a CSV file to submit in a User Creation work request, you'll need to include basic information about the users for whom you are creating accounts in Faculty Success:

  • Core user information
    • Last name (required)
    • First name (required)
    • Middle name/initial
    • Email address (required)
    • Username (required)
  • Administrative data
    • Department(s)
    • College(s)
    • Academic Year (In most cases, this should simply be the current Academic Year. Since user creation results in creating a Yearly Data record for each user, you need to specify the Academic Year that will be tied to that first Yearly Data record.)

Sample User Creation CSV file

A User Creation Template is attached at the bottom of this article.

Note that different instances of Faculty Success may require variations on the formatting pictured above.

  • For instance, some institutions capture Yearly Data on a term-by-term basis, so your user creation file should specify Term and Year of the first administrative data record, rather than Academic Year.
  • In other cases, your College and Department fields may exist together in a DSA, where each row specifies a College and an associated Department. In that case, your file would need columns labeled "College1", "Department1", "College2", "Department2", and so on.

You may want to associate additional unique identifiers with user accounts to facilitate importing data from other campus systems. To do this, include a column in your CSV file and fill it with the unique identifiers for the user accounts. The column header should reference the unique identifier the way you would like to refer to it in Faculty Success – for example EMPLID or UID . For more information on unique identifiers, see Additional Unique User Identifiers.

By default, we assign all bulk-created user accounts to the Faculty security role. To provision additional security for a user account, see Assigning Security Roles to User Accounts. Additionally, all user accounts created in bulk will be set up to have their activity data stored and tracked in Faculty Success. For this reason, it is best to create your administrative accounts on a one-off basis or specify in the User Creation request which users should not have their activities tracked.

Note: The College and/or Department values provided in your user creation CSV file must correspond to existing values in the respective drop-down lists. Please refer to your Configuration Report to ascertain these values.

Importing Additional User Data

Faculty Success recommends that you create user accounts first, and then import any data for those accounts separately through Data Import work requests. However, for your convenience it is possible to import data for the Personal and Contact Information, Permanent Data and Yearly Data screens as part of a bulk User Creation work request if you already have the data at hand. To do so, add columns to your CSV file for the fields on these screens into which data should be imported. Be sure to group the columns for each screen together. Also, note that only data for the Yearly Data record for the current academic year should be included in your User Creation CSV file. You should import data for past academic years through a Data Import work request after we have created the user accounts.

Importing activity data to the other data collection screens in Faculty Success is a separate process from creating user accounts. You must submit such data as Data Import work requests or via web services after we have created the user accounts.

Downloading User Account Information

Faculty Success can generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains information about all of your users. The file contains:

  • First, middle, and last names
  • Email addresses
  • Faculty Success usernames
  • Secondary identifier(s), if applicable
  • Whether the user account is currently enabled or disabled
  • Whether or not the user has access to Manage Activities
  • College(s)/school(s)
  • Department(s)
  • Security roles
  • Date the user account was created
  • Faculty Success User ID (This is a unique, numeric user identifier automatically assigned by the system when a user account is created.)
  • User's authentication type
  • ORCiD ID

➤ To download a spreadsheet with account information for all users for whom you have permission to do so:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Users and Security in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Above the list of user accounts, select Download All User Information.

    The Users and Security page; the Download All User Information link.
  3. If prompted, open the file with Microsoft Excel. You may also save the file locally on your computer.
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