Managing and Using Test Accounts

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If you've requested a change in screen or field permission (read-only or hidden) or a college specific customization there are only two ways to verify the change. One is to use the Configuration Report. We also recommend keeping a generic faculty account available. This will also allow you to capture screenshots and troubleshoot issues with faculty more easily.

Creating a user

  1. Create user
  2. Set to disabled

Testing changes

  1. Manage Data for user (to assign correct college if necessary)
  2. Re-enable user
  3. Save
  4. Reset password (if needed or for local url)
  5. Login as faculty
  6. Confirm changes
  7. Revert to Admin
  8. Disable account

Disabling the account after each use prevents the user from showing up in reports or in the Manage Data user list for other administrative users. 

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