Reset your password for Faculty Success

Before completing any steps in this article, please ensure you are using the login link provided by your institution to access Faculty Success. Most institutions use advanced authentication (single sign-on), which is managed by your campus IT and is incompatible with this password reset process. 


Access to Faculty Success varies by institution. If you are attempting to access Faculty Success for the first time, we recommend contacting your Faculty Success administrator or IT Department to confirm if credentials have been set on your behalf and to provide you with your login URL.

If you need to reset an existing password or create a password for a new account and your institution does not use advanced authentication, please follow the following steps.

  1. The link provided by your institution should open a login screen similar to the example provided below. Select Need Help? below the credential fields to begin the password reset process.
  2.  After the Get Login Help box appears, select the Reset Your Password hyperlink to continue the process.
  3. In the next prompt, you must enter your Faculty Success Username (not Email Address Prefix) to receive the password reset email. If you are unsure of your account username, this can be requested by contacting your Faculty Success administrator. Once you enter your Username, select the Reset Password button. 
  4. A password reset email will then be automatically sent from to the email address on file for your account. To avoid caching issues, right-click on the Request Password button in the email and select to Open in a Private/Incognito Browser Window.    Screenshot_2023-02-23_at_5.57.14_PM.png
  5. From the new window, enter your Faculty Success username and select the Reset Password button. The site will return you to the main login screen. You may safely close this tab.
  6. After a few moments, you will receive a second email from To avoid caching issues, right-click on the Reset Password button in the email and select Open in a Private/Incognito Browser Window.22.png
  7.  When the new window appears, the fields below will allow you to set your new password. In the Email field you will enter your Faculty Success Username and on the remaining fields you will enter your new password then select the Change Password button to finish this process. 5.png

After you've selected the Change Password button, you will be logged into your Faculty Success account. Please remember to store your password information securely in accordance with your institutional policies.

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