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The login URL for your instance of Faculty Success will take you to the Faculty Success login page for your institution.

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Most institutions will have a unique login page that appears. This login page is managed by campus IT, and Watermark will not be able to retrieve or reset your credentials. If you see another login page and need assistance with login, reach out to your campus IT team.

The default Faculty Success login page provides links so a user can contact us with questions and comments, and can request to reset his or her password. Questions and feedback submitted from the login page will automatically route to Faculty Success, unless you've put an override in place. 

Common Customization

The following information is only applicable to the Faculty Success administrator for your institution.

For a complete list of supported customization see Supported Customizations - Login Page

  • Changing the email suffix to reflect your university's identifier.
  • Adding additional instructional text.
  • Customizing the logo.

To request any changes to the login page, please submit a General work request.

Note: As you customize your system, you may choose to implement a method of Advanced Authentication. The Faculty Success login page will remain in place and users on Local Authentication or LDAP Authentication can use this page. If you choose to implement SAML via Navigator, Portal Authentication or Shibboleth Authentication, however, users set up with the advanced method of authentication will need to authenticate through your campus IDP.

For more information see the articles in the section Advanced Authentication.

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