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A secondary identifier can be added to the Users and Security utility, in fact any number of additional identifiers can be created. Secondary identifiers are never required and are primarily be used for importing data. 


Data Imports

  • Secondary identifiers can be used to identify users as part of a Data Import request, including to identify users in User Reference fields.


  • We can include secondary identifiers for any users included in the report. This does not apply to users linked to through User Reference questions, only the record owners included on a report. 

Web Services

  • Users can be identified by secondary identifier when importing data to Faculty Success.
  • Secondary Identifiers can be added or updated using the User resource

  • Secondary identifiers can't be used to query data in Faculty Success
  • DSA rows can only be updated with the User ID, not username or secondary identifier using Web Services

Adding a Secondary ID

Adding an additional identifier can be done as part of your original User Creation request, or as a general work request. We recommend using the "Download All User Information" report from Users and Security and adding a column to that file. Any file listing usernames and secondary IDs will do. Be sure to also include instructions on what the Secondary ID should be named.

Displaying Secondary IDs to Users

We recommend against also adding secondary identifiers to the screens in Manage Activities. If you do identify a specific need, please note that the field won't stay synchronized with the field in Users and Security. For example, if you add Banner ID to Users and Security as a secondary identifier, and also want to display it on Personal and Contact Information, these are two separate fields that need to be maintained separately. If your identifiers never change and you are using Web Services or have a firm process for creating new users, it may be possible to keep the fields synchronized. 

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