Remove Track Activities for a User Account

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Most of the user accounts you will create in Faculty Success will be for faculty who need to track their teaching, research and service activities in the system. However, you may have some users who will need access to Faculty Success in order to run administrative reports or assist with managing data. These types of administrative users may not need to track their own activities. If an account for an individual in this category was set up to track activities, any records this user has created for him or herself will appear in reports by default.

To ensure that reports exclude data for individuals meeting these criteria, it is best to remove the ability to track activities – access to the Activities utility – from their accounts. To do this, submit a General work request to Faculty Success with a list of the users for whom the ability to track activities should be removed.

Warning: Removing Manage Activities from an account permanently erases all of the activity data from the data collection screens (General Information, Research, Teaching and Service screens) associated with it. Do not remove this ability to track activities from a user account unless you are certain you will never need the data in the future as this action cannot be undone.

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