Overview of Work Requests

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What is a Work Request?

A work request is the formal method for requesting work on your Faculty Success database. You can use work requests to:

  • Create and manage user accounts in bulk
  • Submit data import files
  • Request screen revisions
  • Request new full-service reports
  • Revise existing full-service reports
  • Modify security roles
  • Set up additional features

The Work Requests utility enables you to submit new work requests and to track the requests you submitted.

What Should Be In a Work Request?

A work request should contain the information that allows us to process the request--no more, no less. Some work request types will have associated templates you should fill out. When writing Work Requests, best practice is to include the information on what task Watermark is expected to complete and where to complete the task. If your request is not immediately actionable, we'll send it back to you with a request for more information.


Tracking Work Requests

You can view closed and currently open work requests that you have submitted using the Work Request utility.


Work Request utility, showing open work requests.

Note: University Administrators can view work requests submitted by the campus’s College Administrators, but cannot respond to them, as a user can only respond to work requests that he or she submitted.

➤ To view open work requests that you have submitted:

In Faculty Success, select Work Requests in the Navigation Bar. We list your open work requests at the bottom of the page.

➤ To view closed work requests that you have submitted:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Work Requests in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Above the list of open work requests, select View Closed Requests.WR_-_closed.png
    Work Request utility, showing closed work requests. 

Responding to Work Requests

If we need additional information or guidance in order to complete a work request, we will use the work request to communicate questions. To respond, login to Faculty Success and navigate to the open work request. Under Expected Completion there will be a note that reads "Question: Awaiting Your Response".

If you need to revise the instructions submitted in a work request, you are able to add notes and attachments to work requests waiting on us in most cases. Exceptions to this would be if the work request is under review, or has been marked as Complete.

Note: When we send a message through the Work Requests utility, a notification email is sent to alert you to the fact that the work request is awaiting your response. This email will include a copy of the text from the message in the work request, as well as the original request note that provides context for the response. We intend this email to be a notification only; please do not respond to this email.

Completing Work Requests

When all of the changes outlined in your work request have been made, the request will be marked as Complete and returned to you for review. Under Expected Completion there will be a note that reads "Complete: Ready for Your Review". If you are satisfied that the request has been completed to your specifications, you will be asked to rate the request on a scale of 1 to 5 to close the request, which will automatically move it to the View Closed Requests section of the Work Requests utility.

If additional changes are needed and the request is not complete, you can send it back with comments on further changes required.

Note: Only the administrator who submitted the work request may rate, complete, or return it.

We will automatically close work requests that have been marked as Complete after six months of inactivity. We'll send you a reminder ten business days prior to closing an item and another notification once we close it. All closed items will move to View Closed Requests.


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