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Submit a separate Report Setup work request to Faculty Success for each report you need built. The reports you submit should be in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Rich Text Format. Additional information should accompany each report.

➤ To add a new custom report:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Work Requests in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select Report Setup from the drop-down list. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_7.56.39_AM.png
  3. There will be two options to create either a Self-Service Report or a Full Service Report. If you select to continue with Self-Service Report, you will be prompted to create your report from within Reports, and if you select to continue with Full Service Report, you will proceed to follow the remaining steps of this article. Continue with one of the two options that best fits the report type needed. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_7.56.45_AM.png
  4. In Step 1, give the work request a title. If you do not name the request, the default will be "Report Setup". We will then edit this title to reflect the request in more detail.
  5. In Step 2, describe the report template that you want created.
  6. Make sure that you include:
    1. Who will run this report? This is typically one or more security roles for one or more units, such as the College Limited Administrator security role for the College of Education, or Faculty security role for the entire campus. You can view a list of the available security roles by selecting the View Security Roles link on the Users and Security screen.

      Note: We cannot assign reports to an individual; you grant access to reports based on the security role(s) to which you have assign a user.

    2. What should we name the report? Indicate the name by which you would like the report to appear on your Run Reports drop-down list. Capitalization and punctuation are important. For example, Faculty Activity Report, Annual Activity Report, or Faculty Annual Activity Report.
    3. For what timeframe will you typically run the report? For many reports, the timeframe for which you run it will influence the way that we set up the report to select records. For example, if you typically run your Annual Reports from July 1 - June 30, we will likely need to set up the report to pull in only one set of summer term courses. Knowing up-front what your date range will be ensures that we can ask the right questions when putting the report in place.
    4. For what group of users will you typically run the report? Knowing whether you will typically run a report on a single individual, a specific unit, or the entire campus will ensure that we are scaling this report appropriately and grouping data at the correct level.

    See What Should Be In a Work Request for more information.

  7. In Step 3, select Browse and choose the sample report you would like built.

    If a sample report does not exist, you will need to create a mock-up report. See Creating a Report Mock-Up for more information.

    Note: Attaching both a sample of what a finished report should look like, along with the report's criteria in a mock-up will ensure that we understand both the formatting and logic that we should use when we build your report. That is, how we should select records for each section of the report, any grouping or sorting information for those sections, and any other logic that we should use when building the report. These attachments should be in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Rich Text Format.

  8. Select Submit Request.
  9. Faculty Success will process the work request and create a new report template based on your mock-up. Faculty Success will notify you when we have added your report.
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