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There may be situations where you need to delete more than ten records at one time. In this situation, you may submit a general work request to have this done for you. What will be required in your part of the request is to include a file of the records that should be removed. Continue reading to learn the what should be included in the work request. 

What should be included in the Work Request?

  • You must indicate the Screen from which the records should be deleted within the work request title.
  • You must include a list of the record IDs. You can get these IDs by running an "Export Data" report or via Web Services
    • If using "Export Data" to retrieve IDs, select the option "Record and DSA IDs" to include the ID column as part of your export.


    • Ensure the IDs have not been reformatted by a program such as Microsoft Excel. For guidance on preventing the reformatting of numbers, review Helpful Excel Formulas and Tips to Format CSV Data Imports
    • Finally, copy the IDs to a .txt file to attach to your work request and verify the formatting is correct

Record ID Examples

Correct Record ID Formatswrs-bulkdelete-correct.png
The ID column has been properly reformatted to a number with 0 decimal places, which shows the Record ID in full. This column may now be copied to a .txt file for submission.

Incorrect Record ID Formatswrs-bulkdelete-incorrect.png
Here the record IDs have been converted into a Scientific Notation by Excel. This format is not a valid ID and Watermark is not able to remove records with this value.


In this example, the Record IDs have been truncated as a result of saving the Excel file without reformatting the number field. These IDs will no longer work for deletion, and a new Export is needed to obtain the corrected IDs.

Note: we will not delete fewer than 10 records on a screen, given that no time efficiencies can be achieved compared to manual deletion in such cases.

Warning: This deletion is permanent.  Please make certain that every record whose ID you've included for deletion should be deleted.  It might also be a good idea to run an Export Data report to back up the deleted records.

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