Overview of the Faculty Success Web API

An optional part of your Faculty Success setup enables you to pull data directly from, and push data to, Faculty Success in real time.

Faculty Success supports interoperability and automation with your existing systems via web services, an open standard that enables different systems to exchange information easily and securely. Through web services, you can:

  • View your Faculty Success instrument configuration
  • Import and export data
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Assign and manage security roles

Figure 5 – Pulling Faculty Success Data

Integrating Faculty Success data into your campus systems will require developing the solution to do so. This requires technical knowledge of web application programming and web services. Your technical staff can tell you the level of effort that will be required to accomplish what you have in mind.

Figure 6 – Pushing Data to Faculty Success

For example, your campus may have course data in a course management system. Your technical staff can create a script that will gather information from your course management system and import it into Faculty Success on a scheduled basis using web services.

Consider loading the following from your existing systems:

  • Basic employee data, like name, address, telephone number
  • Rank and tenure data
  • Scheduled teaching information
  • Grants and contracts information

The more data you can retrieve and import from your existing systems, the less work that users must do entering data.

Supporting the Web API

The Web API is considered a self-service tool, and due to the highly varied uses of this feature, Watermark is unable to provide assistance with the setup or maintenance of this resource. Campus IT will be responsible for using the account provided by Watermark to establish connections to other systems to manage data and user accounts.

Watermark Support is able to support the following on a limited basis:

  • Setup and updates to Web API accounts/permissions
  • Errors received from API endpoints
  • Questions on endpoints to use to perform specific actions
  • General questions on functionality and features

Additional Resources

Additional help center content for the Web API, including a Web API guide, is available to users who are authenticated through Faculty Success with an account assigned the appropriate Help Center permissions. We recommend creating a Faculty Success account for IT to access this additional content.

Access to additional Help Center content

For more information about the Web API, download the Web API Documentation.

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