Data Backups

Faculty Success takes significant steps to ensure your campus’s Faculty Success data is safely stored. We make five backups of all client data each night. This is part of Faculty Success disaster recovery strategy, as outlined in more detail in Database Type, Servers and Security. However, many clients desire to maintain full local backups of their activity insight data, which is encouraged. Local backups absolutely guarantee that you have a full copy of all your data as of a specific point in time that you control, ready for whatever purposes you may have. It also enables you to store your data in a data warehouse or use the data in other software applications, if you desire.

How does it work? 

Every Saturday, your institution's activity insight data is backed up into a .zip file that contains one .csv file for each data collection screen. You can retrieve the .zip file by going to the URL provided and logging in with the username and password provided. Once logged in, the .zip file will automatically download.

Note: Your institution's IT department can automate this process by writing a script. It is important to remember that the .zip file can be accessed until it is overwritten by the next week's backup record.

Getting Started 

Submit a General Work Request to request that a data backup account be created for your institution. When the work request is received, you will be given a URL, username, and password to access your first data backup on the Saturday following the work request delivery.

Why Use this Feature

Data Backups can be used for a number of purposes. Some common uses are:

  • Data from activity insights can be exported to a warehouse
  • Preference to keep a copy of data on campus
  • Maintaining a data archive for future analysis of changes over time
  • The ability to view a large number of records

Video Overview 

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