How to Request a Web API Account

When you are ready to start using web services, your first step is to request an account. 

This is a dedicated service account with the credentials you will need to make web services calls. Although you will receive a username and password for this account, you will not use it log in to Faculty Success interface as a traditional user account would.

To start, submit a general work request. In the request, specifically state which of the available service account resources you wish to use, and the access that you would like provided for each. Access can always be increased later, but should your service account ever be compromised, minimal access or resources may decrease potential damage.

Schema Resources:

  • Read Access: Metadata about your data collection screen configurations.

Schema Resources will automatically be included with each service account setup.

Data Resources:

  • Read Access: Retrieve data already stored by Faculty Success
  • Write Access: Import data into Faculty Success from another source, or update data already stored.
  • Delete Access

User Resources:

  • Read Access: View existing user accounts.
  • Write Access: Create or modify user accounts and data collection access.
  • Delete Access

Role Resources:

  • Read Access: View details of security role configuration and user role assignments.
  • Write Access: Add or remove user role assignments.
  • Delete Access

If you choose to include Read or Write access to the User Resource, we recommend also including Read or Write for the Role Resource, as accounts cannot be created fully without the ability to assign security roles.

We will return the work request to you with an attached file containing the username and password for your service account. This username and password will be required when making calls to view or modify data. 

Additional Notes:

If you need accounts with different permissions, we can create multiple web services accounts per instrument.

A web services account can be restricted to a specific college or department, depending on the configuration of your instrument. However, such accounts with restricted access can only be given Read resources.

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