How to Review and Contribute to a Submission for Committee Steps

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For Workflow steps with a committee role group, the end user experience varies between committee chairs and committee members.

When opening an active task, both committee chairs and committee members can see the materials submitted by all prior participants.

Committee member experience

Email Notifications:

Based on the Workflow configuration, committee members may receive reminder emails to notify them of approaching deadlines.

Committee members will stop receiving email notifications about a submission once they mark the submission as reviewed or publish a written response for review by the chair or committee. Please see below for more details on these steps.

Sections of the Submission and Options for Actions:

All committee members are presented with a read-only view of the faculty submission and the content submitted through any other prior review steps to which they have visibility.

All committee members also have a read-only view of the Chair Form, and any draft content the chair has saved, under the heading “This Committee's Response”.

In between these two sections, committee members may see an additional section if the settings for the given committee step allow.

  • If the “Enable Member Visibility” option is set to “yes” for this step, committee members see a section labeled “Committee Members and Responses”. Within it they will see the full roster of committee members with whom they will collaborate on reviewing this submission.
  • If there is a Member Form configured for this step, committee members can use that form to share a response with others on the committee.
    • If Member Visibility is enabled, this form will display within the “Committee Members and Responses” section, and the member can publish their reflections to everyone on the committee. Once they publish their response, the committee member will see responses published by other committee members. He or she can flip between two views of member responses as they consider the content:
      • The By Member view shows committee member’s full response individually
      • By Response view shows responses aggregated by field on the Member Form
    • If Member Visibility is disabled, this form will display under a “My Response” heading, and their published response will only be visible to the committee chair.

Important: Responses submitted through the committee Member Form will not become part of the permanent submission; this capability is meant to facilitate asynchronous collaboration by review committees, to help the committee share their perspectives and provide feedback on the draft of the formal committee response that the chair will eventually submit.


Downloading a Submission to Review Outside of the Workflow Module (optional)

Because of the sensitive nature of review materials, some institutions may not allow reviewers to download, print or modify any of the attached custom reports or form responses of previous process participants. If offline viewing is authorized by your institution, you can utilize the download option in order to review materials offline, outside of the Workflow module itself.

When enabled, the export option appears in various places:

  • When viewing a submission via the Inbox
  • When viewing a submission via the History table
  • Via the "Actions" column in the History table

When this feature is enabled, reviewers will have a "download" button available. Selecting this option will open a follow-up prompt to choose a download option.


Download submission for online viewing:

  • An HTML file that replicates how a user would see the submission via the user interface
  • Access to uploaded documents will require login to view or download.

Download submission with files to my computer:

  • An HTML file that replicates how a user would see the submission via the user interface
  • A sub-folder for each step that contains reports or file attachments, with those files contained within the sub-folder

If a committee member downloads a submission for offline access while the committee step is still active (i.e., via the Inbox), and a Member Form is configured, the committee member’s download will include any responses they can see that were published through that Member Form for the given submission. This ensures that downloads fully reflect the committee member’s online view as of the time of the download. However, once the submission progresses past the committee member step, downloads of the submission from the History table will not include the member responses, as they are not part of the permanent submission record.

Committee chair experience

Email Notifications:

Committee chairs will receive reminder emails to notify them of approaching deadlines if they are configured for the committee step in the Schedule used for the given process. Unlike committee members, chairs will continue to receive any email notifications configured until they complete the committee step by submitting the formal committee response and send the submission to the next step in the process.

Sections of the Submission and Options for Actions:

When committee chairs access faculty submissions for review, they will first see a read-only view of the materials submitted by previous participants.

The next section, “Committee Members and Responses”, presents a list of committee members, along with an indication of which committee members have reviewed the submission, and when they last reviewed.

If the committee step has a Member Form in place so that committee members can share their reflections digitally while the step is pending, the chair will see any responses published by committee members in the “Committee Members and Responses” section. The chair can review the submitted responses just as other committee members can, using the By Member and By Response views, and can share his or her own personal response to committee through his or her own Member Form (available through their personal row in the Committee Members and Responses section), but the chair is not required to submit a personal response in order to view the responses of other committee members.

The last section the committee member sees is the Chair Form, under the header “This Committee’s Response”. Through this section the chair will draft the committee’s formal response to the submission. A committee chair can save a draft of “This Committee’s Response” to make it available for committee members to see from their view. Once the response is finalized, the chair can submit the response to the next step.

A chair can download a submission for offline access in the same way a committee member can.

A chair also has access to send a submission back to the previous step, should revisions be needed prior to the committee starting their review.


If committee members used a Member Form to collaborate during a committee step, and the submission is eventually sent back to that committee step by a subsequent reviewer, will they regain access to their “My Response” content?

Yes, but they will be visible only as unsubmitted draft responses. Committee members would need to re-publish their responses in order for the chair to see them again.

The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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