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Once the Workflow Administrator has launched the Workflow processes, they can monitor the status of each submission one of two ways: 

  1. Across all Templates and Schedules through the Submissions utility.
  2. Submissions can be monitored for one specific Template and Schedule at a time.

The method you, as a Workflow Administrator, use to view Submissions will be determined by the question you're trying to answer and the number of different Templates and Schedules you need to manage. We recommend viewing submissions through the Submissions utility in most cases.

Note: A Workflow Administrator can share access to the Submissions utility with other users in their institution to allow them to track the status of submissions for various scopes, whether that be across all units or for a specific department or college. Learn more about sharing access to the Submissions utility here.

Viewing Submissions Across Templates and Schedules

By going to Workflow in the Navigation Bar and selecting the Submissions utility, you can view the submission across all Templates and Schedules displayed in a Submissions table. 


The Submissions table provides the following information for each submission:


  • Template
  • Schedule
  • Status of the Submission
  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate's College
  • Candidate's Department
  • Name of the Current Step
  • Assignee at the Current Step
  • Current Due Date
  • Actions (e.g., Cancel, Download)

When the Joint Appointment type "Each appointment receives a separate step" is enabled, the Submission Table will display multiple appointments, steps, reviewers and due dates in the relevant columns, providing an overview of the current submission's status. 

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 7.41.20 AM.png

Sort and Filter 

You can sort and filter columns to adjust the scope of submissions you see in the table. If you have large volumes of submissions, the table will paginate. 

From this table you can also:

  • view the content of individual submissions
  • cancel individual submissions if needed
  • close individual submissions at the current step
  • export all submission data across schedules through the Export Table button
  • download a copy of an individual submission, for complete submissions, or those for which you are personally involved in the current step

Note: When you sort and filter, your preferences apply across pages. When you open the Submissions utility, the Submissions table is filtered by default to show only open processes, however, you can change this filter to show all processes by selecting the Status toggle as shown below. Screen

When filtering and sorting submissions with Joint Appointments, the candidate's primary appointment should be used to sort while all of their appointments can be used to filter. For example, if a candidate had two departments, Education as their primary and Art as their secondary, and you wanted to sort by Department, the primary appointment would be used to sort while both appointments could be used to filter.


Viewing the Contents of a Submission

From the Submissions table, selecting the name of a candidate will open that candidate's submission to view and/or download. This will include the content of all completed forms to date. Responses that have been not been completed will not be accessible here. The content of a given form will only be available once the participant at that step has completed the form and advanced the submission to the appropriate step.16.gif

From here, Workflow administrators can always download the content of submissions by selecting the Download button in the right hand corner, regardless of whether you have the Export function enabled for process participants at your institution.

Cancelling a Submission

You can also Cancel a specific submission from the Submission table by using the drop down arrows in the Actions column. This feature can be used when a faculty member was mistakenly included in a Workflow schedule. When you cancel a submission, all response data for that submission is removed, so if a copy is required for HR purposes it should be downloaded before the submission is cancelled. This action cannot be undone.



Completing a Submission

You can complete a Submission from the Submissions table by using the drop down arrows in the Actions column. When you choose to complete a Submission, all current completed responses will be saved and the process will end at the current step. Data entered by the owner of the current step, but not completed will not be retained.

When you chose to complete a Submission, you have the option of entering a reason. If you do not provide a reason, the system adds a default messaging to the submission, noting "This was completed early by your administrator. Please reach out to them if you have any questions."


Re-opening a Submission

A submission with the step status of "Completed" and the status of "Open" can be reopened from the submissions table by a Workflow Administrator in cases where the submission was completed early or accidentally and needs to be reopened to resume the review process. From the submissions table, Workflow Administrators may select "Re-Open" in the actions column dropdown menu.

When reopening a submission, it will return it to the open step status and step from which it was completed. For instance, if the submission was completed early at the Candidate Response Step, it will return to this step to resume the review process. Similarly, if the submission had naturally reached the final step, it will be positioned back at that final step once it is reopened.

After reopening the submission, all submission functionalities will resume as normal. It's important to keep in mind, however, that any configured auto-advance dates will also take effect again. If a submission needs to be returned to a particular step for revisions after it has been reopened, see Using the History Table to Access Review History or Recall a Submission. Additionally, if reviewer swaps have occurred since the submission was initially completed, the new reviewer will have access should the submission return their step.


Viewing Submissions for a Specific Schedule

You may also view a similar table of submissions for a specific Template and Schedule at a time. This view is particularly useful when you need to export the raw data for your Workflow processes.

This table provides the following information for each Submission within the Schedule:

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 4.54.30 PM.png

Accessing the Submissions Table

  1. In the navigation bar, select "Workflow" and then "Configuration".workflow
  2. From the Configuration utility, access the Schedule for which you want to view the submissions  by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Actions column and selecting Schedules for the corresponding Template.Screen
  3. Find the Schedule for which you want to view the submissions, then click the drop-down arrow in the Actions column and select "Submissions."Screen

Then, as shown below, you will find a Submission table with the necessary information for each Submission within the Schedule. Similar to the table in the Submissions utility, you may sort and filter the columns in this table to further refine the cope of submissions displayed.


Viewing the Status of the Submission

The Status column in the submissions table reflects the current state of the schedule as a whole. This will appear as "Open" for all submissions, if even a single submission in the schedule is still ongoing. Once all submissions are completed or cancelled, this status will update to "Closed". By default, the submissions table will start by filtering out submissions which are part of a Closed schedule. You may review these submissions by removing the filter "Status: Open".


In this screenshot, the default filter has been removed and submissions from both Open and Closed schedules are appearing in the list.

Viewing the Step Status of the Submission 

The Step Status column of the submission table will display the status of the specific submission, which will reflect the current step that the submission is in or if it has been "Completed" or "Cancelled."


The following factors may cause a step status to be "Completed" or "Cancelled."

Completed: The submission falls under one of the following categories.

  • All the steps were completed for the submission.
  • The submission was completed early by the Workflow Administrator.
  • By selecting the Process Completion branch option configured by the Workflow Administrator, the candidate either opted out of the review process or a reviewer determined that the candidate did not need to proceed further in the review process.
  • The deadline for completing the review process was set up with auto-advance dates in the associated schedule settings that advanced the submission by a specified date. 
  • The Workflow Administrator requested that the schedule be closed. 

Cancelled: The submission was cancelled by the Workflow Administrator. 


The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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