Monitoring the Status of Workflow Submissions

Once you launch your Workflow processes, you can monitor the status of each submission. Two views ensure you, as a Workflow administrator, have flexibility to drill in the way you need to. 

  1. You can monitor submissions across all Templates and Schedules through the Submissions utility.
  2. You can monitor submissions for one specific Template and Schedule at a time.

The display you choose will depend on the question you're looking to answer, and how many different Templates and Schedules you must use to manage the nuances of your processes. For most situations we recommend the Submissions utility.

Please note that you can also share the Submissions utility with others on campus to enable them to track the status of submissions for various scopes, whether that be across all units or for a specific department or college. Learn more about sharing access to the Submissions utility here.

Viewing Submissions Across Templates and Schedules

You can view the submissions for all of the processes you manage in Workflow, across all statuses, Templates and Schedules, through the Submissions utility. The Submissions table provides the following information for each submission:

  • Template
  • Schedule
  • Status of the Schedule
  • Subject Name
  • Subject's College and/or Department
  • Name of the step the submission is currently on
  • Assigning at the Current Step
  • Due Date for the Current Step
  • Actions that you can take for the submission (e.g., Cancel, Download)


You can sort and filter columns to adjust the scope of submissions you see in the table. If you have large volumes of submissions, the table will paginate. Note that when you sort and filter, those settings apply across pages.

From this table you can also:

  • view the content of individual submissions
  • cancel individual submissions if needed
  • close individual submissions at the current step
  • export all submission data across schedules through the Export Table button
  • download a copy of an individual submission, for complete submissions, or those for which you are personally involved in the current step

Accessing the Submissions Table

In the navigation bar, select "Workflow" and then "Submissions".

Viewing the Contents of a Submission

From the Submissions table, selecting the name of a subject will open that subject's submission to view and/or download. This will include the content of all completed forms to date.

Note that responses that have been partially completed and saved will not be accessible here. The content of a given form will only be available once the participant at that step has completed the form and advanced the submission to the appropriate step.

From here, Workflow administrators can always download the content of submissions, regardless of whether you have the Export function enabled for process participants at your institution.

Cancelling a Submission

You can also Cancel a particular submission from the Submission table. This should be used in cases where a faculty member was erroneously included in a Workflow schedule.


Completing a Submission at any time

You can access the submission to complete it either from the Workflow Submissions menu, or through the Template Schedules Submissions path.

Entering a reason is optional. If you choose not to provide a reason, the system adds some default messaging to the submission, noting “This was completed early by your administrator. Please reach out to them if you have any questions.”


Viewing Submissions for a Specific Template and Schedule

You may also view a similar table of submissions for a specific Template and Schedule at a time. This view is particularly useful when you need to export the raw data for your Workflow processes.

This table provides the following information for each Submission within the Schedule:

  • Subject Name
  • Subject's College and/or Department
  • Name of the Current Step
  • Assignee at the Current Step
  • Current Due Date
  • Actions (e.g., Cancel, Download)

From here, you can also:

  • view the contents of individual submissions, 
  • cancel a submission if needed, 
  • close a submission at the current step,
  • download a copy of a completed submission or one for which you are personally involved in the current step, and
  • export the raw data for the submissions in this Schedule.

Accessing the Submissions Table

  1. In the navigation bar, select "Workflow" and then "Configuration".
  2. From the Workflow Configuration utility, access the Schedules for your Template.
  3. Find the Schedule you want to monitor, select the Actions arrow for that Schedule, and select "Submissions."

Here, you will find a table listing the appropriate information for each Submission within the Schedule.

As with the table in the Submissions utility, you may sort and filter the columns in this table to further refine the cope of submissions displayed.


The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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