Monitoring the Status of Workflow Submissions as a Reviewer

When your campus Workflow Administrator launches a schedule, a submission is generated for each candidate's review process involved in the schedule. These submissions can be monitored and accessed in two ways: 

  1. Tasks: Active submissions for which you are a designated reviewer for a step that has reached you can be monitored and accessed from the Inbox and History table within the Workflow utility's Tasks. 
  2. Submissions: To view all submissions across candidates within your purview, including both active and completed ones, you can access the Submissions Table within the Workflow utility's Submissions. Accessing submissions through this method requires the proper access to be granted to you by your campus Workflow Administrator. 

Your choice of monitoring and accessing submissions depends on your access level to the methods mentioned above. To learn more about utilizing these methods, refer to the corresponding sections below. 

Viewing Submissions through Tasks 

To access the Inbox and History table, simply navigate to the Workflow utility from your navigation bar and select "Tasks." From the Tasks Inbox and History table, you can select the candidate's name to open their submission to view the contents of their submission. This includes content of all completed steps to date, with visibility to the content of each step being subject to security form settings that are configured by your workflow administrator. 

If the Export function is enabled by your institution, you can download the contents of a submission for a particular candidate or in bulk. For detailed instructions on how to navigate around and utilize the sort and filter options in the tables, refer to Workflow Utility

Viewing Submissions from Submissions 

Once granted access to the Submissions Table by your Workflow Administrator through the Permissions utility, you can view submissions across candidates within your purview for both active and completed review processes they were involved in. To view submissions from the submissions table, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Workflow utility from your Navigation Bar and select "Submissions." 
  2. In the submissions table, you can monitor and access active and completed submissions for users within your purview. 

The submission table displays the following information for each of the columns listed below: 

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 12.55.58 AM copy.png

  • Candidate Name: Displays the candidate's full name in "Last Name, First Name" format. 
  • Template: Shows the title of the template guiding the submission's steps and this is managed by your workflow administrator. 
  • Schedule: Indicates the schedule controlling the submission's review process and this is also managed by your workflow administrator. 
  • Status: Reflects the current state of the schedule. 
  • College/School: Displays the candidate's college/school assignment. 
  • Department: Shows the candidate's departmental assignment. 
  • Step: Displays the current step of the submission's process.
  • Reviewer: Indicates the current step owner and their name is formatted as "Last Name, First Name." 
  • Due date: Displays the due date for the current step. 
  • Actions: Contains options for actions to view or download the submission's contents, if permitted by the workflow administrator. 

Sorting and Filtering the Submission Table 

When accessing the submission table, you can sort and filter it to view specific submissions. By default, the table displays only active/open submissions. However, you can toggle the Status to view both closed and open submissions. 


To sort and filter through the submission table, simply click on the title of any column. You can sort the column by Ascending or Descending order and filter submissions for a particular candidate, reviewer, or value of the column. 

For example, to view submissions that a specific candidate has been involved in, click on the "Candidate" column title, and enter the candidate's name in the filter field using the correct capitalization and format of "Last Name, First Name" (e.g. Baker, Felix). Then click the "Apply" button to apply the filter in the submissions table. Similarly, to view submissions for a specific schedule, click on the "Schedule" column title, check the box next to the desired schedules, and then click the "Apply" button to display submissions for the selected schedules. 

Viewing the Status of the Submission

The Status column in the submissions table reflects the current state of the schedule as a whole. This will appear as "Open" for all submissions, if even a single submission in the schedule is still ongoing. Once all submissions are completed or cancelled, this status will update to "Closed". By default, the submissions table will start by filtering out submissions which are part of a Closed schedule. You may review these submissions by removing the filter "Status: Open".

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 1.34.48 AM.png

In this screenshot, the default filter has been removed and submissions from both Open and Closed schedules are appearing in the list.

Viewing the Step of the Submission 

The Step column of the submission table will displays the status of the current step of a submission, which will reflect the current step that the submission is in or if it has been "Completed" or "Cancelled."

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 1.34.48 AM copy.png

The following factors may cause a step status to be "Completed" or "Cancelled."

Completed: The submission falls under one of the following categories.

  • All the steps were completed for the submission.
  • The submission was completed early by the Workflow Administrator.
  • By selecting the Process Completion branch option configured by the Workflow Administrator, the candidate either opted out of the review process or a reviewer determined that the candidate did not need to proceed further in the review process.
  • The deadline for completing the review process was set up with auto-advance dates in the associated schedule settings that advanced the submission by a specified date. 
  • The Workflow Administrator requested that the schedule be closed. 

Cancelled: The submission was cancelled by the Workflow Administrator. 

The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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