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Multiple individuals on campus, including department chairs, deans, and more, play a role in monitoring and ensuring the success of Workflow processes. The Permissions utility for Workflow enables you, as the Workflow Administrator, to grant appropriate process transparency to those individuals by extending access to the central Submissions table, where they can review submissions for the faculty members within their purview.

From the Workflow Permissions home screen, you can choose from two ways to view and assign out access to the Submissions table:

    1. By Group: From this view you can review and assign users access to the Submissions table for your groups in Faculty Success, like your colleges and departments. The group options listed match the Scopes from your Role Groups. This view enables you to quickly grant access to Submissions to all of the department chairs, deans, and others who may need to view Submissions for all faculty in a given group.
    2. By Individual: As individuals are granted Access to Submissions, there will be times when you need to review and modify access for a specific person. For example, you might need to adjust permissions after turnover in department chairs. From this view, you are able to remove or add to a specific individual’s access.

Granting Users Access to Submissions for a Group

  1. In the navigation bar, select “Workflow” and then “Permissions”.
  2. Select the group for which you want to assign permissions, like “Department”.Workflow_permissions.png
  3. Select a group option to which you want to assign access, like Accounting in the image below.
  4. Assign one or more individuals access to view the Submissions table for that given group option. For example, here you see a scenario in which 2 users have access to Submissions for "Accounting”.dept_access.png

All changes made to Access to Submissions from within the Permissions utility are auto-saved. As permissions are configured or removed, the users affected will see these permissions take effect in real time.

Viewing and Editing a Specific User’s Access to the Submissions Table

  1. In the navigation bar, select “Workflow” and then “Permissions”.
  2. Select to “View by Individual”. Here you will see the list of every user to whom you have granted access to Submissions through the Group view.
  3. Select the user for whom you need to adjust Access to Submissions.
  4. Revise the Groups and Group Options to which they have access. As noted above, Groups are the entities like Department and College, for which you’ve configured security scopes in your system. Group Options are the discrete values for a given group, like the specific departments at your institution.Individual_change.png
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