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Administrators for Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure have access to view all submissions, manage templates/schedules, manage role groups, and assign permissions. Users who are assigned as Workflow Administrators will also receive in-app update information regarding the latest features.

Adding a new Workflow Administrator

Workflow Administrator permission is independent from a Faculty Accomplishments Administrator, and is not managed through Users & Security. An account can be set up as a Workflow Administrator and not a Faculty Accomplishments Administrator, and vice versa. When onboarding new administrators, always specify if the user account should be configured with both Faculty Accomplishments and Workflow Administrator permissions.

To add a user account as a Workflow Administrator, the Faculty Success Administrator must submit a General Work Request. This request should contain the following information:

"Add username as an additional Workflow Administrator"

When the work request is completed, the account provided will have access to the additional tabs of the Workflow menu: Configuration, Permissions, System Settings, and Submissions.

  Note: Access as a Workflow Administrator may not be limited to a specific unit.


Reviewing currently assigned Workflow Administrators

Administrative access to Workflow is currently managed by Watermark. To view a list of users with administrative access, submit a General Work Request.

Administrative Resources

Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure Administrator Training (Self-Guided)

About Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure

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