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Introduced in January 2022, the System Settings page for the Reviews, Promotion and Tenure module of Faculty Success enables administrators to tailor some of the global defaults for common process elements, particularly those related to email notifications.


The System Settings page is available to users who are configured as a Workflow Administrator, and can be accessed through the Workflow menu item.

This page is particularly beneficial for establishing a common email configuration across all schedules. You can set your default preferences once, and all new schedules will use these settings. This will reduce the time it takes to set up your schedules - especially those for new templates - and help you create a more consistent experience over time and processes for participants.


The System Settings page with a section for Notification Settings and Custom Email Snippets

Configuring Defaults for Notifications

Under Sender Information you can define the "From Name" that will appear in the emails sent to your process participants.


Revising the From Name for all Workflow emails

Under Defaults for New Schedules you can configure:

  • your preferred send time for recurring email notifications
  • which notification types (invitation, reminders, etc.) and frequencies to apply to each type of process step (initial submission, review committees, etc.)

As an administrator, you can set your global defaults here, and they'll apply to any brand new schedules you create. Then, if a situation warrants it, you can adjust the settings further on a per-schedule basis to apply unique email notification settings for a specific run of a cycle.



Setting the default email configuration for the initial submission step

Please note that these global defaults do not apply when you create a new schedule by duplicating a previous one. In that case, the new schedule inherits its settings from the schedule you duplicated.

Creating Custom Email Snippets

From the Workflow System Settings page you may add new or view existing email snippets. These reusable snippets are available to all new schedules as part of the Email Settings for each step. Define a snippet name, type, and define content and formatting in the rich text editor to save. When the snippet is configured to your liking, click Save to return to the main System Settings page.


Snippet Type: Each new snippet will be created for either the Body or Closing portion of the email notifications.

Snippet Name: The name you assign your new snippet will appear in the drop-down menu for notification email setup in the Email Settings Configuration page of a new Schedule.

Custom Text: The rich text editor will support custom formatting of messaging to be included as part of the notification emails sent from Workflow.

Once a snippet is created, you may edit it again by selecting the name assigned to the snippet. Duplicate and Delete options are also available from the Action menu for each created snippet. Updates or deletions of a snippet will not impact launched Schedules. Any textual updates will be applied to all future Schedules using the snippet.

When you are ready to use a snippet in a new Schedule creation, select the snippet from the step and email notification desired. The text associated with the saved snippet will populate the Message Text section for preview before saving.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 12.18.21 PM.png

Note: The text preview may not be modified for the selected snippet from the Email Settings page. To make changes, return to System Settings.

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