Email Notification Overview

Task participants are able to receive notifications which direct them to the system to complete the required forms. Content of these notifications is generated based on the selections made in the system, and also may contain custom elements to assist users in completing the assigned tasks. Please visit our How to Configure Custom Email Settings article to learn how to customize email frequency and text. The parts of the email which is sent to task participants is defined

1. Task Participant Name: For each person involved in the completion of a task, they will receive an email addressed to them.

2. Institution Name: This field will automatically populate from your instance of Faculty Success.

3. Schedule Name: The name of the active Schedule which generated the email. Template names will not be used as part of email notifications.

4. Step Due Date: The current due date for the task assigned.

5. Custom Body Text: Customizable from the email settings for each step in a Schedule.

6. Open Now: A button which links to the assigned task. This will route the user through the advanced authentication login process if an active session is not detected.

7. Custom Closing Text: Customizable from the email settings for each step in a Schedule.

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