Top Tips for Workflow Success from our Workflow Insight Board

We asked each of our Workflow Insight Board members to share the #1 tip they'd offer a fellow Workflow Administrator who is starting to digitize a campus process. Here's what they said!

  1. Capture your requirements from all of your stakeholders first, and do so digitally via a submission form or survey so it's easy for you to consider the requirements together. (Example from Texas State)
  2. Form a "Friends of Workflow" committee with representatives from each dean's office (e.g., Associate Deans). These are your point people for interfacing with faculty.
  3. Plot out all your review processes, forms and participants on paper. Then map it to the Workflow pieces. This helps to ensure that everything is aligned in the right places.
  4. Start with your most complex Workflow process. Review it with your committee and/or stakeholders, and then make lots of template copies so you can easily pare down steps you don't need in simpler processes.
  5. Establish a Schedule where you are the participant to help emulate users' experience. And leverage the Beta environment to facilitate training sessions. See more recommendations in the Complete Guide to Testing Workflow.
  6. Make copies of your finalized template before launching. That way you'll have access to editable versions if something comes up, and you can re-launch if needed. 

They also underscored the importance of these best practices:

  • Hold meetings with project team members on campus and meet with each college to show them the new process. Create brief step-by-step guides with screenshots and work with the project team to distribute them to faculty to help them get started. 
  • Hold peer-to-peer feedback sessions and engage in collaborative problem-solving to troubleshoot. This is a great way to resolve issues, uncover requirements, and build buy-in.
  • Familiarize yourself with some of the scheduling rules that may impact your Workflow launch. For instance: 
    • you can't launch on the same day
    • you can't cancel after you've launched
    • Workflow uses calendar days - be very careful converting your policy's business or working days to calendar dates when setting up Schedules
  • Leverage your Success Consultant as a resource. Hold regular meetings to address questions early, discuss options, and stay on the same page as things progress.

Our Workflow Insight Board is comprised of Administrators at nine institutions who are running annual reviews, promotion and tenure, and/or sabbatical processes with Workflow. If you are interested in joining the Workflow Insight Board, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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