What is Workflow?

Faculty reviews are complex, time consuming and involve many people on campus, including faculty, committee members, department chairs, deans and the provost. Digitizing these processes, including annual evaluations and promotion and tenure, eliminates manual tasks, reduces inefficiency and errors and improves the ability to track progress. Best of all, our new process management solution leverages the data and customization that’s already available in Faculty Success. Workflow is our solution for digitizing and managing your faculty processes.

Workflow allows you to:

  • Control the process. As a Workflow Administrator, this tool allows you to make sure all of the necessary materials are included for review, and all of the necessary people on campus are involved. You can set deadlines and reminders, and be sure that all the proper steps are taken for review.
  • Make it easy for faculty. Workflow pulls data and custom reports directly from Faculty Success, which reduces the amount of time faculty need to spend preparing their review materials.
  • Eliminate manual tasks. Imagine what your staff can do with the time they're now spending to manually manage tasks, deadlines, and binders full of supporting materials.
  • Provide consistency and convenience. You can standardize the format and ordering of the supporting documentation, providing a consistent experience for reviewers.
  • Feel peace of mind. Once faculty submit their materials for review, both they and administrators are able to monitor the status of the review process, so there's ample transparency throughout.
  • Guarantee security and integrity of the process. Review materials will only be available to authorized users, materials can't be altered in any way, and everything will remain available for future use. This may reduce the risk of tenure appeals.

At this time, Workflow is designed and built with the needs of annual reviews in mind. As we continue to expand the functionality of the tool, we are focusing on promotion and tenure processes to ensure additional functionality addressed the complex needs of those types of reviews. Though we have designed Workflow with a specific use case in mind, you are certainly free to use it for any processes you'd like and we have found the tool does currently support some clients' promotion and tenure review processes. Depending on your requirements, and as we continue to develop the tool, we encourage you to consider other processes such as Sabbatical applications, workload reviews, credentialing, grant applications, and more. Do you have an idea, but you're not sure whether Workflow can help? Contact your Client Success Manager!

Has your institution already purchased Workflow and would like to learn more? Click here to complete our Workflow Administrator Certification.


The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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