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Your Workflow processes may include steps with sensitive information that should not be visible to all process participants. With this in mind, you have the ability to control the visibility of each form. In the Security tab of the template builder, you can easily determine who should see what and when by utilizing the lock and unlock icons on each step. Select each step individually to view which subsequent or previous steps are visible for the users assigned to the selected step. Visible steps are indicated by a black, unlocked icon, whereas a step that should not be visible is indicated by a red, locked icon.

When configuring Security for a given step, anything before that step will impact what the assignee sees from both their Inbox and History. Anything after that step will impact what the assignee sees from History. 


My candidate shouldn’t see certain information until a specific step is complete. Can I accommodate that?
Yes, by utilizing candidate response steps. You can set up the initial candidate submission step to prevent candidate from seeing future information (all subsequent steps have the locked icon when the first step is selected); then you can set up a future candidate response step to allow users to to see selected steps prior steps when the response step begins. 


It's important to note that visibility settings should be considered for each step in a given template. Make sure you carefully consider this setting for each step, especially for processes such as promotion and tenure, where certain forms after the candidate step should not be visible to the candidate member.

Note: Committee Member forms are not included in these settings. Committee Member responses are only visible while the committee step is active and only to the participants of that step. To control whether members of a committee can see each others’ responses, you must enable member visibility from within the form.


The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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