Submitting to a Workflow Process

Access to this product feature is dependent on your institution's Watermark agreement
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You can access the Workflow Administrator Certification videos here.

Users will receive an email inviting them to access their Workflow task in order to complete their part in the process and submit all necessary review materials.

Each step in the Workflow process that was created for the participants was customized by the Workflow Administrator. The Workflow Administrator may have marked certain fields as required, and they may also have added rich text formatting options to help the participant organize and emphasize their information as needed.

Save Draft 

Completing the Workflow task can take some time to complete, which is why Workflow includes the option to save progress and finish the submission later. You can save your progress by going to Actions and then selecting Save Draft.



The Workflow Administrator may have configured the workflow task to include a Faculty Success custom report that automatically populates with data from the candidate's Activities. This report is generated when the process begins and runs according to the report dates specified by the Workflow Administrator in the Schedule.

When faculty are preparing their submissions, they have the ability to preview the report. If they notice any issues in the report or realize that some additional activities need to be entered into the database, they can:

  1. Save their progress on the Workflow task by going to Actions in the top right and selecting Save Draft. 
  2. Navigate to Activities. 
  3. Correct or add the appropriate data. 
  4. Return to the Workflow Task and select Refresh Report button to ensure that the updates are reflected in the report. Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 11.04.25 AM.png

Please note that the report will not automatically refresh when the Faculty Success data is changed. Workflow is designed to give the candidate complete control over the data that is included, so faculty must deliberately refresh the report in Workflow. Users will be prompted with a banner to refresh all reports when they open a task for the first time that day. That banner alert is for tasks that have report refresh dates before the current date.


The banner will close once all reports have been refreshed, and will appear again if the report refresh date no longer matches today’s date.

Prior Year Submissions

Access to this product feature is dependent on your institution's Watermark agreement
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The prior year's completed submission may also be a part of the current Workflow task. When the prior year submission is included, a menu will appear in the field allowing the user to select all current applicable completed submissions. The limit is defined by the Workflow Administrator in the Schedule.


The submissions will be attached to the current step as html files of the full submission contents available to the candidate. Once added, prior year submissions may be individually removed as needed by selecting the trash icon. 


Reminders and Notifications

Faculty may receive reminder emails to remind them of approaching deadlines, depending on how the Workflow's Schedule is configured. Keep in mind that deadlines are soft unless the Workflow Administrator has set up an auto-advance date on the schedule. If no auto advance date is specified in the Schedule, submissions will not advance to the next step even if a deadline has passed until the participant moves the Workflow to the next step.

Finalizing a Submission

When a candidate's submission is ready to proceed, they simply save it and then select the Submit option within Actions to move the materials to the next step in the process. The submission materials, including any attached reports, are locked once the process moves to the next step even if changes are made in the candidate's Activities.

Note: If a candidate needs to make changes to their submission, the workflow can be redirected to the candidate's step by using the recall feature. 

The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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