Creating an Assessment Plan Review

In Planning & Self-Study, Program assessment plans are able to be reviewed via rubric evaluation.  


Creating a New Review
The administrator can create a review for an organization with a unique title, due date, rubric for evaluation and can then allocate it to multiple organizations. You can assign a specific reviewer to a specific organization or to multiple organizations, allowing for an easy routing experience.






Rubric creation
Rubrics for reviewing assessment plans can be created by the administrator. There are up to five proficiency levels and multiple criteria for evaluation, as well as a point value and a description for each criterion and proficiency level.

Create a rubric and establish a review process by navigating to the Plans area on the left-hand side of your homepage and open the assessment plan for which you wish to establish a review. Once in the plan, select the Reviews option in the top-center of the screen. On the following page, the Rubrics button will appear to the right. Select this, followed by "Create New Rubric."



Email Notification for the Reviewer
After a reviewer is assigned and an assigned assessment plan is submitted, the reviewer will receive an email notification that the plan is ready for review. If the reviewer is assigned later in the process and multiple plans to which they are assigned have already been submitted, they will receive one email notification, rather than multiple emails cluttering their inbox at the same time. The reviewer will receive a reminder email to complete the review within 48 hours of the due date.





As with previous email notifications, you may choose to turn these notifications off. The toggle button under Admin > Notifications now allows users to enable/disable email notifications.


Viewing the Results for Assessment Plan Review

Administrators can export all rubric review results for an Assessment Plan. Exports will include the scores for the reviewed plans, the name of the reviewer, as well as any feedback provided by the reviewer. You can access this report in the Exports area of an Assessment Plan. 



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