Creating an Assessment Plan


In order to create an Assessment Plan, a user must first be assigned the Administrator role for Planning & Self Study. With this permission, users can create Assessment Plans by following the steps described below. 

The process begins by selecting Plans on the left-hand administrative menu. 

On the following screen, all existing Plans will display, along with a Start New Plan button in the top-right. The user would select this button to begin the process. 


This will produce a screen on which the Plan's settings will be put in place. 

The first step is to name the Plan, and to provide an optional due date:


The next step involves defining the scope of the Plan. The user would first select whether this will be a Program or Course Assessment Plan. 


Once this option is selected, the user will be asked to select which Programs or Courses to include in the Plan. 

If the Program Assessment Plan is chosen, the user would select all Programs to include.

If the Course Plan is selected, all Departments would automatically be included and the user would take no further action at this point in time. 


Selecting Programs in a Program Assessment Plan



View of Departments being included by default in a Course Assessment Plan. 


After setting the scope, the Reporting Year will be selected. Only current and future Reporting Years would display here by default. If the Plan is being created for a past Reporting Year, the user would select the Show Prior Years button. 

Only a single Reporting Year can be selected. 

This screen will also show the Terms that have been built into each Reporting Year. As shown in the example below, Reporting Year 2022-2023 does not have any associated Terms. 


If this were a Course Assessment Plan, no Courses would be pulled into the Plan, as there are no Terms to define the Course Sections that should be pulled in. In this case, we would needs to create Terms connected to this Reporting Year. 

Once the Reporting Year is selected, the user would select Publish in the top right to open the Plan to all Programs or Courses defined in the Scope. 






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