Measures - Editing, Revising, Removing, Deleting

When an Outcome is pulled into a new Assessment Plan, all of the Measures that were aligned with that Outcome in previous Plans will be carried over as well. 

In addition to creating any new Measures that are required, the user would likely want to make sure that these auto-populated Measures are up-to-date.

From within the Plan, changes can be made to edit or remove a Measure by first clicking the menu button to the right of the Measure Title. This will present the options shown below:
  • Measure Details, which will produce the Edit Measure Definitions page
  • Remove from Plan, which removes the Measure from the associated Plan, and prevents it from appearing in future Plans moving forward. 

Editing or Revising the Measure

After selecting Measure Details, the option to either Edit or Revise the Measure can be found by expanding the options to the right of the Measure name. 
Please Note: Measures can ONLY be Revised within the actual dates of the Reporting Year associated with the Plan. Thus, if the Plan's Reporting Year ends May 31, 2024, it will no longer be possible to Revise the Measure once this date has passed. 
It is important to understand the difference between Edits and Revisions:

The Edit function is intended to be used for changes that the user would like to see across all areas where the Measure has ever or will ever be used, including Plans that are currently Complete. An ideal use case for the Edit function would be the correction of a typo, which a user would want corrected everywhere. 

Revisions, on the other hand, are tied to the Reporting Year of the Plan the revision is made in, and will alter the Measure moving forward, but will not affect the Measure as it appears in Plans from previous Reporting Years. In other words, if a Measure is revised in a Plan tied to Reporting Year 2022-2023, the revised Measure will become the version of record for 2022-2023 and forward. Measures in use in Plans connected to earlier Reporting Years would not be affected. 

If the Measure happens to be in use in multiple Plans tied to the SAME reporting year that the revision was made in, the revised Measure would appear in those Plans as well, unless those Plans are marked as Complete or if they were previously Complete and have now been re-opened.


Deleting a Measure

(Note that Measure deletion is a non-reversible action which should only be chosen if there is absolutely no desire for the Measure or its affiliated data to be maintained.)

If a Measure was created in error, and the Measure itself and ALL of its relevant data, across ALL Plans, is no longer wanted, it can be deleted. 

The steps to delete are as follows:

  1. Enter the Plan
  2. Expand the Outcome the Measure is affiliated with
  3. To the right of the Measure name, expand the options menu and select "Measure Details"
  4. On the following screen, select the Pencil icon and choose "Edit"
  5. On the "Edit Measure Definition" screen, scroll to the bottom and select "Delete this Measure"
  6. The pop-up shown below will appear, which will allow the user to confirm the deletion.



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