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Both Report Builder and Report Builder 2.0 are available in customer accounts created prior to November 4, 2018, while only Report Builder 2.0 is available in customer accounts created on/after November 4, 2018. For more on Report Builder 2.0, please see the Report Builder 2.0 article in Help Center


This feature allows CES Administrators, Administrators and Instructors to create custom reports across multiple projects based on hierarchy level (area), instructor, course and/or question criteria. Reports created in Report Builder are saved within the user's account and can be copied, edited and/or shared.




  • Report Builder can pull results for questions from the Main or Targeted Survey only, NOT Custom Questions Surveys.
  • Report Builder 2.0 however, can pull results for questions from the Main, Targeted, and Custom Questions Surveys. Please see the Report Builder 2.0 article in Help Center


Report Builder

  1. Click on the Results tab.
  2. Select Report Builder. After clicking on Report Builder, you can view your most recent reports, shared reports from other users or create a new report by following the below steps.
  3. Click + Create New Report.
  4. Name your report (Description Optional). Continue.
  5. Select the project(s) for this report and click Add Selected Projects.

    Note: Projects that do not share common survey questions with other projects cannot be selected and added together.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Select the questions from the Main Survey (and any Targeted Surveys, if you use this feature) that you would like to view in this report. Click Continue.


    If you wish to pull results for only Open Ended Text Response question(s), at least one selection type question (I.e. single selection) must be selected; then, the selection question can be hidden from view after the report is generated (See Step #12 below).

    Open Ended Text Responses from Targeted Surveys are not available using Report Builder.
  8. Build Query:
    1. Choose to filter your report by Report Area, or levels within your hierarchy.
    2. Filter report results based on specific Question Criteria. Here, you can select a question/response combination and view the responses of those who selected a specific response option on that question. For example, choose to view the survey responses for all those who chose response option 1 on question #3. Create multiple question criteria here for a variety of question/response combinations.
    3. Filter report results by Instructor (for CES Administrators and administrators only) and Courses.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Select a Template for your report:
    1. Node (Hierarchy level) Templates: #1 & #2.
    2. Project Summary Templates: #3 & #4.
    3. Course Summary Templates: #5 & #6.
    4. Instructor Summary Templates: #7 & #8.
  11. After selecting correct template, click on Generate.
  12. When viewing your report in Report Builder, you can:
    1. Select Questions to view, or deselect to hide questions from report.
    2. Show/Hide information/statistics from report.
    3. Export report to PDF or Excel file format.
    4. Share by email or with other Course Evaluations & Surveys users (CES Administrators, Administrators and/or Instructors).
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