Create a Placement Template

To create a placement template, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Field Experience Templates Placement Templates in the side menu.

    Placement Template side menu navigation

  2. Click Create-New-button.png
  3. Complete the template form. Reference the graphic below for the following steps:
    1. Name the template.
      • Tk20’s best practice for placement templates is to name them based on the combination of assessors that the template contains.
      • In the example below, the template contains placeholders for 1 Faculty Supervisor and 2 Site Supervisors so the template was given the name 1 FS/ 2 SS (you may spell out the titles, if you prefer).
      • This will help you identify the correct template during the student placement process and when you send out the binder.
    2. Click the green plus button to add assessor placeholders to the template.
      • Title*: the titles should correspond to those given in the template title.
      • Select a Role: this will be the role that the assessor is assigned in Tk20.
      • Can this role be associated with a site?: here, “site” refers to a site external to the university. Another way to think about this question is “Who pays this person’s salary?”–if the university pays the salary, they are most likely NOT associated with a site. If an external site pays the salary, they most likely ARE associated with a site.
    3. Click Create to complete your template.

      Template creation

You can also refer to the video link: Create Placement Templates
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