Creating a Field Experience Binder Template

Note(s): Before a Field Experience Template can be created, the necessary Artifact Templates and Field Experience Forms need to be created from the Administration tab.

Create Field Experience Template

  1. Select Field Experience Templates from the Templates section of the Field Experience side menu.
  2. Click the Create New Field Experience Template button.

Step 1: General Information

  1. Enter a name for the template. This can be a generic name, excluding specific course numbers or terms, as the template can be used multiple times for the current and subsequent semesters. When you send the template, you will have a chance to rename it for better organization.
  2. Enter a description for the template (optional).
  3. Select a placement template.
  4. Is this Field Experience Template Public? If you select yes, other users can view and use the template as well.
  5. Click Next.


Template Creation Step 1

Step 2: Define Assessors

  1. Click on the placeholder name link (ex: University Supervisor, Cooperating Teacher, etc.) in
    order to assign forms for this assessor to complete.
  2. Select the Field Experience Forms that will be used by this assessor by placing a checkmark next to the corresponding form.
    • You are not required to add forms to all assessors.
  3. In the Show to Student? column, the radio buttons indicate whether the student is allowed to view the assessment. If there are some assessments that the students should not be able to view after completion, select No.
  4. When you have set up this assessor’s options, click on Select.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until assessment tools, and their visibility, have been selected for each assessor placeholder.
  6. Click Next.


Select Field Experience Forms 

Step 3: Define the Field Experience Binder

  1. Enter names for each tab you intend to use in the binder. The tabs divide the binder template into sections for organization.
  2. Specify additional attachment options for students.
  3. Click Next.


Define Binder Tabs 

Step 4: Define Binder Contents

  1. Visible to: Indicate which assessors can view each tab by selecting their corresponding checkbox.
  2. Instructions (optional): Insert directions for each section of the binder.
  3. Click add_button (1).png to add a placeholder for required artifact type(s) the student must submit.
  4. Select an Attachment Type from the artifact types available.
  5. You may select a Reflection Form (optional), if one is required.
  6. Click add_button.png to add a Standard (optional) the artifact meets or needs to meet.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each section/tab you have created.
  9. Click Next.


Define Binder Contents

Set Artifact Details

Step 5: Review and Finish

  1. Make the Experience Template active, by selecting Yes.
  2. Click Finish.


Review and Finish 


  • You cannot send the template to students unless it is active.
  • If your templates for different field experience binders vary slightly, you can copy a template and make adjustments.
  • Time log is an option located under attachment type in step 4. Allowing for additional attachments will also provide a space for students to attach multiple time logs.

You can also refer to the video link: Create Field Experience Binder Template

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