Re-associate a Field Experience Placement with a Different Course

Field Experience Placements must be associated with a course in order for a binder to be sent out.  Here at Tk20, we realize that sometimes Field Experience Binders need to be sent out before course schedules are finalized so we have worked to meet that need. Unit Administrators have the option of associating student placements with a placeholder course, sending out Field Experience Binders, and later re-associating those placements with the students’ actual course, once their schedules have been finalized.
In order to re-associate a field experience placement with a course, you must first make sure that courses that will be used for re-association are marked as eligible for placement. This allows the system to identify the appropriate courses during the re-association process. In order to mark a course as eligible for placement, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Tk20.
  2. In the Tk20 side menu, navigate to Course Registration Courses.

    Courses Side Menu Navigation

  3. Search for a relevant course.
  4. Click the blue course name to open the course record.
  5. Within the course record, you will see a checkbox field labeled “Eligible for Placement.” Check this field.
    • Note: This will mark ALL sections of this course as eligible for placement. There is no need to perform this process for each section individually.
  6. Click Update at the bottom of the page.
  7. Repeat this process for all relevant courses.

Re-associating a Field Placement with a Different Course

To re-associate an existing placement with a different course, please follow these steps: 

  1. Within Tk20, navigate to Field Experience Placements.

    Side Menu Navigation to Placements

  2. Search for the student(s) whose placements you need to re-associate.
    • Note: If you put all of these students into the same placeholder course, you may search for that course instead of searching for each individual student.

      Re-associate Placements

  3. Select the relevant student(s) and click Associate. A separate window will open.
  4. In this new window, choose the term that is assigned to the course with which you wish to re-associate the placement.
  5. Next, you may choose to have the system only populate courses in which the student(s) is enrolled.
  6. After making your selections, click inside the Course field. A list of relevant courses that have been marked as eligible for placement will auto-populate.
    • Note: If you are re-associating several student placements at once, and elect to show only sections where the student(s) are enrolled, all courses for each student will appear. Even if only one of the students is enrolled in a particular course, that course will still populate. Keep this in mind when you are scrolling through this drop-down menu of courses.

      Re-associate Window

  7. Select the course with which you wish to re-associate the placement(s). Then click Update.
    • Note: If any of your students are not enrolled in the course you select, you will see another window pop up that tells you how many and which students are not enrolled in that course. Because these students are not enrolled in the course you selected, their placements will not be re-associated with this course. In order to re-associate the placements of these students, either:
      • Enroll them in the course you have chosen and repeat steps 1-7.
      • Follow steps 1-7 to re-associate their placements with a different course that has been marked as eligible for placement.

        Student(s) Not Enrolled notification

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