Taskstream Evaluator/ Faculty FAQs

Taskstream Faculty / Evaluator Role FAQs

Here are links to the most common questions that faculty / evaluators have about using Taskstream:

How do I access Taskstream?
The article links below will take you through the steps of creating an account, which internet browser to use, and how to log in or reset your password in Taskstream:

Create or Renew a Taskstream Account


Which Internet browsers can I use to access Watermark's solutions?
How do I reset my Taskstream password?

How to Log in to Taskstream


How do I evaluate student work?
Evaluating work in Taskstream


How do I change/ edit an evaluation?
How to edit an evaluation after the score has been released


How do I access student work that I have previously evaluated?
Accessing previously evaluated work


My student says their work is "locked" and cannot be edited or resubmitted. How can I unlock their work?
How does an Evaluator "unlock" student work in Taskstream?

See the attachment below for a downloadable PDF document of these Evaluator FAQs:

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