Analytics for Faculty/ Evaluators


Accessing Your Faculty Dashboard

Taskstream LAT by Watermark includes dashboards to help users gain more insight into the work they are doing within the platform.

Note: If you do not have Analytics in your top navigation bar it is because your institution has chosen to disable this feature.


To access the dashboard analytics available to you, click Analytics on the top right in your navigation bar.


The Faculty Dashboard will be available to any users who are identified as faculty members within the system.


Note: Your institution’s preferences will determine which widgets are available within your dashboard.


Performance of My Students


The Student Performance chart shows the average score an individual faculty member has given students for a selected standard set. It breaks down this information by showing the average score achieved for each standard associated to rubrics used in evaluation across all programs. It provides insight into how the faculty member’s students are performing.

To view another standard set, select the standard set from the top drop-down menu.

To utilize this chart, standards must be associated to the rubrics you use for evaluation and the standard set has to be marked as reportable. See the article: Rubrics: Aligning Standards to a Rubric


My Completed Evaluations


The My Completed Evaluation widget shows the number of evaluations the faculty member completed during each month within a selected Program or All Programs. The side by side bar display makes it easy to compare activity for each month in the two-year period and spot evaluation trends.
Hovering over a bar will indicate the number of evaluations completed during that month and year.


Overall Program Evaluation Status


The Evaluation Process Status chart shows the breakdown of all evaluation statuses for each Program in which the faculty member is enrolled as an Evaluator. The pie chart provides a simple glimpse into the evaluation progress within each program.

The following statuses are included in the chart:

  • Not Started:  All work in a status of Ready for Evaluation (submitted or resubmitted)
  • Started: All work in a status of Evaluation In Progress, More Evaluations Required, Ready for Reconciliation, or Reconciliation In Progress
  • Completed: All work in a status of Evaluation/Reconciliation Completed (Released or not released)

Note: This chart reflects overall program evaluation status, it is NOT specific to one user. It does not
include work the author has not yet submitted or that was sent back for revision.

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