Evaluation Manager Role: Editing evaluations after score has been released

The Evaluation Manager role in a Taskstream DRF program is responsible for management of various aspects of the program evaluations.

Note: The Evaluation Manager can alter the evaluation after it has been released; Evaluators cannot.


Evaluation Manager Permissions

The Evaluation Management permission includes three distinct privileges that can be assigned separately.

  • Oversee Evaluations: View, edit, cancel or release any evaluation at any time.
  • All Access Evaluator: Complete evaluation for any author submission. Managers do not have to be grouped with a student (author) or be selected by a student in order to evaluate , however they must have visibility to the DRF area they are evaluating.
  • Reconcile Evaluations: Reconcile evaluations, suspend evaluations and call for extra evaluations in programs that require multiple evaluators for a single submission.

Click the link below for directions for TS Coordinators to assign manager roles in a DRF program:

DRF Program Enrollment; How to Enroll (and Unenroll) Students, Evaluators, Managers


How to Edit or Cancel a Completed Evaluation

Once an evaluation has been completed and the score released to the Author, only an Evaluation Manager can edit the evaluation.

If you are an Evaluation Manager for the DRF program, to edit or cancel an evaluation that has been completed:

  1. Select the DRF program from the Evaluation Manager tab of your home page.
  2. Select the DRF area and Authors to display.
  3. Locate the Author of the work on the resulting evaluation grid. In that Author’s row, click the View/Edit link for the appropriate requirement.
  4. Click the Edit Evaluation button to revise the evaluation or click the Cancel button to cancel (and delete) the completed evaluation. If the evaluation is canceled, it will need to be completed again.

How to Cancel an Evaluation in Progress

If you are enrolled in the program as an Evaluation Manager, you can cancel an evaluation in progress by following the directions below.

1. Select the Evaluation Manager tab on the homepage.

2. Click the name of the Program where you'd like to cancel an evaluation.

3. In the Evaluation area, you will be able to search for a particular student (author), or use the available filtering options to view work for multiple students. After making your selections, click Continue.

4. A blue clock icon appears to the left of the Evaluate button for those evaluations that are in progress. Click Evaluate.

5. A pop-up window will appear. Click the Cancel Evaluation in Progress button.

6. In the alert asking that you confirm the cancellation, click OK.

7. Once you have canceled the evaluation, other Evaluators or Evaluation Managers will be able to score the work.

Note: Evaluations that are in progress may not be cancelled if they have been started within the past six hours. 

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