Searching for User Accounts

The Search Users box in Users and Security enables you to find users easily by searching for their username, first name, or last name.

➤ To search for a user:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Users and Security in the Navigation Bar.
  2. In the Search Users box, type a last name, first name, and/or username, and click Search. You can also search using the first few letters of one of the items.
    Searching for a user account by the user's last name.

  3. A list of all users matching your search appears below the search box.

    Note: Search Users only searches the beginning of a name and does not accept wild cards such as * or ?. For example, if you are looking for "John Smith", typing Smi in the Last Name box will find him but typing ith or *ith will not.

Searching All User Accounts

While the bottom section of Users and Security will default to list all user accounts to which your account has access within Faculty Success, you can change this default behavior by changing the Search Users selection. Changing this from Activities Database to All Users will update the display to list all user accounts. This will display all users across colleges, departments and instruments that your campus has set up to use a Faculty Success solution.

While a user's ability to add or remove security roles to an account is still restricted to the scope of their own security role, they are able to make edits to all accounts, such as:

  • Changing a user's method of authentication
  • Updating name or email information for a user
  • Updating an account to track teaching, service, and research activities
  • Updating an account's associated security roles to include those within a user's scope
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