Assessing General Education Outcomes

Assessing General Education Outcomes

There are several ways to consider General Education (Gen Ed) analysis. Use the box below to find your best fit.

If you are thinking of … Level of outcome required for analysis Functionality

Assessing and Viewing Gen Ed outcomes and results at the Institutional level.






Institutional outcome





Step 1: Assign Gen Ed outcomes at the institutional level.


Step 2:  Assess each Gen Ed outcome within an Assessment Plan


Benefit: The assessment activity for institutional-level Gen Ed outcomes will appear on an institution-level report (attach a sample)

Assessing and Viewing Gen Ed outcomes and results at the Program level.


Option 1: Create a separate Gen Ed program.


Option 2: Assess Gen Ed outcomes within each program separately.





Program outcome

Option 1

Step 1: Create a separate Gen Ed program in your hierarchy (System Admin portal) and align the curriculum (courses) to the program.


Step 2: Create Gen Ed outcomes for the Gen Ed program.


Step 3: Create a curriculum map for the Gen Ed program.


Step 4: Assess the outcomes for the Gen Ed Program in an Assessment Plan


Benefits: Can view/share curriculum map and report specific to the Gen Ed program.


Option 2

Step 1: Add Gen Ed outcomes to each program.


Step 2: Create curriculum maps for each program.


Step 3: Assess the outcomes for each program in an Assessment Plan


Benefits: Can view/share curriculum map and reports for each program that includes Gen Ed outcomes (attach samples)



Assessing and Viewing Gen Ed outcomes and results at the course level.





Course outcome

Step 1: Create gen ed outcomes at the course level



Step 2: Assess the outcomes for each course in a course-level Assessment Plan


Note:  To assess at the course level, refer to CSV file import requirements for course-level assessment plans (link).


Benefits: You can view/share each course's reports that include Gen Ed outcomes.

This will allow you to assess each course outcome individually and generate a report for each Gen Ed course.

Once you identify how you would like to assess your Gen Ed, move to the instructional guide below and follow the steps to achieve your desired outcome.


Institutional Outcomes

Ensure you are at the Institutional level in the Organizational management hierarchy. Create the outcome. Click on the option to tag this as a Gen Ed outcome.


Create New Outcome.png


Tagging the outcome as Gen Ed will make sure the outcome is labeled as such in the Outcome Map.


Outcome Map.png


Program Outcomes

Create a Program for your Gen Ed courses in System Administration.

GenEd Program.png

This is the view in the Planning and Self-Study Organization Management hierarchy.



Don’t forget to align your courses with the Gen Ed program in System Administration.


By making Gen Ed a program, you can have an individual report in the Plans module for your Gen Ed program.

Additionally, creating a program for Gen Ed and attaching courses to that program will allow you to make Curriculum Maps.


Course Outcomes

If you are assessing at the course level, add a Sections file in System Administration for all courses you plan to assess. Remember that you are tying this information to a Reporting Year. Make sure to align your sections with the respective reporting year.

Create an assessment plan, select Course Assessment Plan, and include your Gen Ed courses.

Each course will generate a report, providing data on whether outcomes were met.

Course Assessment Plan.png

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