Comparing Assessment Plan Data Across Cycles


Comparative Reporting in Plans

While Assessment Plans can only be connected to a single Reporting Year, it is possible to produce Comparative Reports that aggregate data from multiple Plans, allowing for up to 5 Reporting Years to be compared side-by-side.  

These reports will include:

  • An Overview displaying total counts of Organizations included the Plan, Outcome being Assessed, Measures that have been created, Conclusions drawn, and Actions being tracked. The Overview will also display a sum total of dollars required across all Budget Requests. Overview.png
  •  The total number of Organizations that have Not Started data entry, are In Progress, or have Submitted, per PlanPlan Progress.png
  • Alignment to the Institutional OutcomesILOs.png
  • Percentage of Outcomes that are Met/Not Met/Unspecified per Plan
  • Percentage of Measures that are Met/Not Met/Unspecified per Plan
  • Percentage of Measures that are Direct/Indirect/Unspecified per PlanStatus.png
  • Action Progress per PlanAction Status.png
  • Most Reported Action Type per Plan

Running a Comparative Report

Compare Plans.png

  1. From your homepage, click on "Plans" on the left-hand menu
  2. On the following screen, enter one of the Plans you would like to include in the comparison
  3. Once in the plan, select the "Insights" tab at top-center of the screen
  4. Select "Compare Plans" on the left, choose additional Plans, and hit "Apply Selection"

This will create the comparative report widgets.

There will now be the option to filter the widgets by Organization, in the top-left. The widgets can be filtered by College, Division, Department, or Program. 



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