Assessment Plan Insights


The Insights tab within an Assessment Plan shows an overview of a plan's progress.


The overview area displays:

  • The number of organizations associated with the plan
  • The number of organizations in progress
  • The number of outcomes
  • The number of measures
  • Conclusions entered
  • Actions 

If any budget requests have been made, this will appear under the Budget Request section.


From the Insights area, an administrator can choose to export different plan reports.


Institution Learning Outcome Success

This chart displays the learning outcomes and whether they were met, not met, or still in progress. It is also possible to customize the display by clicking Customize and selecting the outcomes to display.



Outcome and Measure Widgets

Outcome Status- percentage of outcomes that have been met, not met or are in progress.

Measure Status- percentage of measures that have a met, not met, or in progress status

Measure Type- percentage of measures that are direct, indirect, or unspecified

Action Status Chart

The plan administrator/Dean  is able to view a chart depicting the status of all the actions of an assessment plan while viewing insights. Users will be able to view the status of actions added for outcomes and measures in an assessment plan.


The chart includes all of the general outcomes and measure actions. The actions are segregated by their respective status Not Started/In Progress/Completed. The chart depicts the number of actions for each of the statuses. The actions of type “Maintain Assessment Strategy“ are not included in the chart.



View Details of Actions

Plan administrator/Dean can view the details of actions of a particular status.  All of the actions are  listed alphabetically. The list includes general outcomes & measure actions.


To access the details, click the bar chart and select View Details.


On the next screen, the following details are shown:

  • The outcome title associated with an action.
  • The outcome associated with the general outcome/measure action. 
  • The last updated date will be shown for an action.
    • If an update is added for an action then the date when an update was added is shown.
    • If multiple updates are added for an action then the most recently added update’s date is shown.
  • The due date added for an action is shown.


View Details/Updates of Actions with a Particular Status

Plan administrator/Dean can view the details of an action. To view the details, users can click on an action and a new window will be displayed.




Export Action Details 

The Plan administrator/Dean can export the details of an action in CSV format. The report consists of all the action details and its associated updates.


Compare Actions of Multiple Assessment Plans

Users can compare the actions with multiple assessment plans. Upon comparison, a separate chart is shown for all of the plans selected for comparison. Users are able to view the details of the actions of all the plans under insights.


Users can click Compare Plans to see a chart similar to the one below.


After selecting the plans to compare, the action status charts will update with the action statuses.

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