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Watermark Student Success & Engagement

All institutions using Watermark Student Success & Engagement's Higher Ed retention software are subscribed at the minimum to Watermark SS&E Core, which includes:

  1. Student Success & Engagement - Our Best-in-Class Student Success and Engagement Platform
  2. Administration - System Configuration and Data Validation screens designed for SS&E Administrators 
  3. Predict - Embedded Analytics displaying course completion and persistence risk indicators
  4. Connect - Facilitates SIS Integration Connectivity, LMS Integration Connectivity, Calendar Integration
    • Calendar Integration Connectivity is enabled when External Calendar Integration is checked on the Features tab in Institution Administration.
    • This is used by SS&E Meeting Scheduler, allowing integration with Google Calendar or EWS for Microsoft Outlook or Office 365.
  5. Base Support

Additionally, the following modules may be added to Watermark Student Success & Engagement on a subscription basis:

The following features may be added and configured at the same time as implementation or added/configured/trained upon at a later date.

  • Continuing Education Student Population to Watermark SS&E (annual cost depends on the amount of students).
  • Text Messaging (SMS Support) from staff to Watermark SS&E users. SMS Plans depend on the number of staff users permitted to send text messages and the max number of text messages sent per month.
  • Survey Integration with SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics surveys (as of now).
  • Next, Watermark SS&E's Walk-In Appointment Kiosk application.
  • Watermark Student, Watermark SS&E's Mobile App for iOS and Android devices, including Apple Watch.
  • Academic Planning within Watermark SS&E, either by importing read only data or manual data input.
  • Recruitment & Enrollment Activities - Add-On Features within SS&E:
      • Available Now:
        1. Campaigns - Application, Appointment, and Enrollment Campaign Types
        2. Message Logging - Internal message logging within SS&E, in addition to External  Message Logging Integration via Gmail
        3. Prospect Upload - The uploading of prospective student data
        4. Department Level Support - Departmental Apps Administration
      • Available End of 2022:
        1. Pipelines - Multi-stage "funnels" that track opportunities moving through a predefined process.
        2. Recruitment & Enrollment Activities Reporting
  • An Advanced Sandbox Test Environment for Connect (SIS and LMS Integration), Predict, and Student Success & Engagement institutional testing and training. This test environment is refreshed up to four times per day and SS&E data will always mirror production, permitting full end-to-end data loading and testing capabilities. *Configuration settings will have to be manually updated.
  • On-going Professional Services such as a Standard Support Plan, Professional Support Plan, Outsourced Student Success & Engagement Administration.

In addition, the following items are added to Watermark Student Success & Engagement for a one-time fee when applicable:

  • Continuing Education (ConEd) Student Population one-time fee for setup and configuration to enable import of continuing education students.
  • Advanced Sandbox Test Environment one-time fee for setup and configuration of Connect, Predict, and Student Success & Engagement to serve institutional testing and training.
  • Professional Services hourly service fees for projects such as Student Success Strategic Planning.  Clients with a support plan may request to utilize their support plan when engaging on projects with the Professional Services team.

To view which features are enabled at your institution, click here.

Student Success & Engagement Product Users

The following grid displays the main user type for each SS&E product.

Module/Product Name User Type
Connect (Data Integration) Administrators, IT Staff
Student Success & Engagement Success Staff, Instructors and Students
SS&E Administration Administrators, IT Staff
Next (Kiosk system) Students
Predict (Built-In Analytics) Success Staff, Instructors
Watermark Student (Mobile App) Students
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