Support Articles include Broken Links with 'yourInstitution'


In many SS&E Help Center articles, there are broken links to Student Success & Engagement that represent shortcuts to a client's SS&E UI or Administration page.

The links sometimes display with https:// before yourInstitution, yet either way they are the same.

  • Once this is replaced with the individual institution name found at the very beginning of any working URL, the link will no longer be "broken".


These shortcut/broken links are intentional as they are meant to help access/quickly open the page being referred to in the support article by replacing yourInstitution with the institutional aviso app domain.

  • These links are purposefully broken as they display with a generic 'yourInstitution' in the URL so that each institution can replace this with their individual domain.
  • As soon as the institution name is replaced, the link will become valid and open on the relevant page within SS&E/ SS&E Administration.
  • This shortcut only works after you change the link itself that is on your browser tab to include your unique institution domain name before avisoapp, everything else in the URL should stay the same. 
  • After replacing your institution name with the correct name, the link will only open on the UI if the user has permissions both to the institution's SS&E application and access to the linked page.
  • An Administrator role is required to open links on any Admin page.


  1. The following broken link shows:
  2. It represents a shortcut to Administration -> Tags -> Assign Students to Tag
  3. If you browse to Administration - Tags - Assign Students to Tag, and check the browser tab URL on the "Assign Students to Tag" page, the URL will display the name of your
  4. If you replace yourInstitution to your institution name in the broken link, this will open the page that you browsed to in step 3.

For example, by replacing yourInstitution with demo1, this fixes the broken link for anyone that is allowed access to Demo 1 Administration.

  • The following URL will display in the browser tab and open on Assign Students to Tag in the demo1 SS&E application (only Watermark staff are allowed access to the demo1 system).



In order to "fix" a broken link that starts with yourInstitution, you will need to edit the browser tab URL and replace yourInstitution with the name that appears before on working URLs.

After the name is replaced, as long as you are permitted to view the linked page on the UI, the link will work and open on the page being referred to in the support article within your SS&E application.

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