Maintenance Checklist Ideas

Student Success & Engagement Maintenance Checklist Ideas

Best practices:

Consider auditing your SS&E instance on a regular basis. If time permits, gathering feedback at the end of each term from your end users will allow for timely edits and additions to your platform. Minimally we suggest requesting feedback and planning for changes once every year. Most campuses have found it convenient to make changes between terms, especially in a summer term or prior to the start of the new academic year.

Offering refresher training at the beginning of each academic year is beneficial to introduce new features, requirements, concepts as well as reminders of usage and best practices that were previously trained. Access the Watermark Academy for information on additional training opportunities.

You may also review your SS&E reports throughout the year to identify any trends or issues with different features. For example, you can create or access reports on Alerts, Roles and other features depending on the access assigned to your role. See the following links for useful report information: Reports Administration; and Reports Overview


Maintenance Checklist Ideas 

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