Creating Transition Point Templates

Create Transition Points

The Unit Administrator can formulate a checklist of steps (transition points) that a student must complete to satisfy the requirements of the program.

Note: All students enrolled in a program for which a transition point template is specified will automatically be assigned the specified transition points and steps.

Here are the steps to create Transition Points: 

  1. Click on Administration in the side menu.
  2. Click on Transition Point Templates located in the side menu below.
  3. Click on Create New Transition Point Templates.

    Create New Transition Point Template 

  4. Enter Name for the template.
  5. Select the Program that the transition points will be associated with from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click on Add New to create a new version of the Transition Point Template.

    Create New Transition Point Template Entry

  7. Title for the version of the Transition Point Template is auto-populated. However, you may change the title name.

    Add New Version

  8. Select from the drop-down menu the Number of Points (number of transition point tabs).
  9. Click Next.
  10. Enter the Select Date Range (optional).

    Select Date Range

  11. Enter the Point 1 Title.
  12. Add Steps by clicking on Add New. Note: Repeat Steps 11 and 12 as many times as appropriate.

    Add Transition Point Steps

  13. To remove a step, click on the checkbox located to the left of the step and click on Delete.
  14. To automate the process of checking-off transition points by a data load, you can associate the steps in the Transition Point Template with specific criteria. To associate the steps with specific criteria do the following:
    1. Under the Criteria sub-column, click on None.
    2. Click on Add New.
    3. Define Criteria as per your requirements:
      1. By selecting the appropriate tab (Student Basic Tab, Student Details Tab, Test Scores Tab, or Transcript Tab).

        Define Criteria

      2. Selecting the appropriate Variable and Value.

        Select Variable and Value

      3. Click Add.
      4. Once you have added all the Variables, click Update.

        Updated Transition Point Template

        Note: Similarly, you can add criteria for each step. The transition points are automatically checked off based on the fulfillment of the selected criteria by the data load.

  15. Click Add.
  16. Before saving the template, you must identify the Active version of the template. The Active version of the template will remain associated with the program.
  17. Click Update. Note: Similarly, you can add criteria for each step. The transition points are automatically checked-off based on the fulfillment of the selected criteria when the data load occurs.

You can also refer to the video link: Create or Edit a Transition Point Template ​​​​​​​

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