Go-Live Checklist for Applications


  • Determine whether the application will be used by students who already have Tk20 accounts (general applications) or students without Tk20 accounts (admissions applications)


  • For students with Tk20 accounts, assure that students are able to log in and have the correct privileges to access and create an application
  • Similarly, assure that assessors are able to log in and access/assess the applications

Note: To check access for specific roles, go to Administration Security Privileges


  1. Update application forms and application review forms. Send newly revised documents to Tk20 for configuration (or configure them independently)
  1. Plan/update the application assessment process.
  2. Revise open date range(s) on application
  3. Provide students with instruction on how to access the application(s) in Tk20.

Monitor your placement information and sent Field Experience binders in the following reports:

    1. Applications 002: Comprehensive Report on Admission Application Forms
    2. Applications 004: Comprehensive Report on Admission Application Review Forms
    3. Applications 005: Aggregate Report on Admission Applications
    4. Applications 013: Comprehensive Report on Application Forms
    5. Applications 083: Aggregate Report on Application Forms
    6. Applications 085: Comprehensive Report on Application Review Forms
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