Search/Browse for Students

Search for Students 

  1. Click on Advisement in the side menu.
  2. Click on Students located in the side menu below.
  3. Enter the required information and click on the Search button to display a list of students meeting the defined criteria.

    Search for Students

  4. To view additional information about a student, click on student’s name to open the split page.

    Student Profile

  5. On the left-hand side of the page, you can click through sub-tabs with information about the student, as well as, record the student’s progress through transition points and add notes about the student.
  6. The right side of the page displays the degree plan for the student’s major. Here, you can record the student’s progress through the degree plan.

Basic: Basic sub-tab located on the left side of the page contains basic student information including their contact information.

Details: Details sub-tab contains information specified by your Tk20 system administrators, and about previous degrees and certifications earned by the student. If you need more student information that is not in the records, you can request your Tk20 system administrator to include a space to record the information in this tab.

Test Scores: Test Scores sub-tab displays the types of tests that the student has taken and the scores for each test.

Transcripts: Transcripts sub-tab displays the student’s transcripts from previous semesters and/or other universities.

Courses: Courses sub-tab shows information about the courses that the student is currently taking, as well as previous courses that the student has taken.

Transition Points: The Transition Points sub-tab allows you to record the student’s progress through program transition points.

Assessments: The Assessments sub-tab shows the student’s assessments on course binders and portfolios.

Notes: The Notes sub-tab allows you to add notes about the student.

Note: You can refer to the information in the Courses and Transcripts sub-tabs to fill out the degree plan on the right.

Browse Students

  1. Click on the Advisement in the side menu
  2. Click on Students located in the side menu below.

    List of Students

Note: The Browse section is displayed below the Search section.

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