Editing Transition Points

Edit Transition Points

Here are the steps to edit Transition Points: 

  1. Click on Administration in the side menu.
  2. Click on Transition Point Templates located in the side menu below.
  3. Click on the name of the Transition Point Template you wish to edit.


    Browse Transition Point Templates

    1. If you wish to add a program to a Transition Point Template that is already active, check the additional programs from the list.


      Program Check List 

      1. Only programs which are not already included in a transition point template can be selected.
      2. Any added programs will be applied to all versions of the template.
    2. If the change you make affects all students currently connected to the program, click on the name of the Active version of the template.
      1. Make the necessary changes.
      2. Click Update.
    3. If you wish to make a change that affects all new students to the program, click on Add New to create a new version of the Transition Point Template.
      1. Create the new Transition Points version by following the above steps.
      2. Note: When you are done with the new template version, select the radio button located under the Active header to make the new version active.
    4. If you wish to make a change that affects all new students to the program and this change is minor, you may copy the previous version to create a new version.
      1. Select the checkbox located to the left of the version you would like to copy.
      2. Click on Copy.
      3. Make the necessary changes in the copy and save it as the Active version.
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