Assessment Planning: Plan Data Entry

Get Started –

  1. Select Planning in the side menu.
  2.  Click Plan Data Entry under Assessment Planning located in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose the organization for which you want to enter assessment plan data. Select your desired options from the View By and Assessment Period drop down menus. Any outcomes/objectives/goals entered for the selected assessment period will be displayed.
  4. Select the outcome/objective/goal for which you want to enter the assessment plan data. This will open the Assessment Plan view: either the Measure or the Mapping sub-tabs will be displayed.

Measures Sub-tab

The Measures sub-tab will be displayed if the goal/objective/outcome is derived from its own measures. 

  • Enter a measure into the Measure 1 field. If the results for Measure 1 are available, enter them into the Measure 1 Results field. If not, you can return to this plan later to enter Measure 1 results. Repeat this process for all the measures related to this outcome/goal/objective.


Mapping Sub-tab

The Mapping sub-tab will be displayed if the goal/objective/outcome is indirect or derived from data collected for outcomes/objectives/goals. (This tends to be the case with university or college-level goals/outcomes). You can create mapping here; however, we strongly recommend you complete the mapping process separately to ensure proper alignment for reporting purposes.

Results Sub-tab

The Results sub-tab is intended to help you synthesize what you learned from your measures and articulate whether standards were met or not.

  • Enter the overall results for this outcome/objective/goal. If the outcome/objective or goal was not met or only partially met, select whether further action is planned using those radio buttons.


Actions Sub-tab

Tk20’s planning design provides a framework for making your data come to life. 

  • Enter the actions you plan to take for the subsequent assessment period. In addition to Programmatic and Assessment Actions, you can also specify the person/group responsible for acting on those changes, a target date for implementation, and any additional resources you will need.



View plans

  1. To view the assessment plan you entered or another organization’s assessment plan, click on View Plans under Assessment Planning located in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the Assessment Period and your desired option from the View By drop down menu. All the outcomes/objectives/goals for which a plan exists for the selected assessment period will be displayed.
  3. Select the desired outcome/objective/goal name to open the Plan Overview sub-tab. From this sub-tab, you can view all the details associated with this plan. You can also open the other sub-tabs to view the data entered there.


You can also refer to the below video links

Plan data Entry
Creating a Plan

Happy planning!

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