Assessment Planning: Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps

Get Started
Prior to creating your curriculum map, upload course data from your SIS system and create goals/outcomes in the Planning tab. Additionally, any customized settings should be set up under Unit Setup Nomenclature Curriculum Mapping under the Planning tab. 

1. Go to Planning in the side menu  Assessment Planning in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen  Assessment Planning  Curriculum Maps Edit/Create.

2. Under the heading Curriculum Maps, click on add new. This will bring you to a three-step wizard.

Step 1: Enter Basic Information

1. Curriculum Map Details:

  • Enter a title and description or your curriculum map
  • For the question, Is this map active? Select yes.
  • Select no if you plan to continue working on the map and wish to keep it inactive. You may change the status to active any time after saving your curriculum map

2. Select Courses:

  • Select the term for which you would like to search for courses.
  • Specify courses using prefixes separated by commas, and click Display Courses.
  • Select the courses for your curriculum map by checking the boxes next to the courses and click Next.

Step 2: Select Outcomes 

1. Select the organization for which the associated outcomes should be included in the curriculum map from the dropdown menu.

2. Select the type (outcome/goal/objective/standard) you wish to include in the curriculum map. Optionally, enter any text in order to search goals/outcomes by keyword.

3. Click on the Search button. This will show all of the goals/outcomes from the desired organization.

4. Choose all goals/outcomes you wish to include by marking the checkbox beside each.

Additional Information: Indicate whether or not you will collect feedback on the goals/outcomes from faculty associated with the selected courses. If yes, the instructors of the courses selected will have the ability to enter information related to the outcomes associated with their courses through their Courses tab in Tk20.


5. Click on Next.

Step 3: Map Courses to Outcomes
1. For each course indicate the Level (Not Applicable, Introduce, Reinforce), the Emphasis (Not Applicable, Low, Medium, High). Optionally, enter the measure being used as evidence to evaluate the extent to which the outcome/goal is being met at the course level.

Note: Level, Emphasis, and the related choices may be edited in Unit Setup Nomenclature Curriculum Mapping.

2. Click on Save.


You can also refer to the below video links:

Curriculum Map Creation
Curriculum Map Data Entry

Happy planning!

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