View All Reviews Requiring Reconciliation

If you are a Reconciler Reviewer for at least one Workspace, Reviews to be Reconciled is one of the shortcut link sin the Review section in the left panel of your home page. When you select this link, you are navigated to a work queue of all submissions that have been reviewed by multiple reviewers and now require reconciliation. This tabular display, based on your search criteria, is limited to Workspaces to which you are assigned.

What information is in this table?

Each row in this work queue represents a single submission requiring reconciliation.

The first column of the table is stamped with the date and time the work was Last ReviewedBy default, the table is sorted by this field, in ascending order (from oldest to newest).

  • You can click any of the column headings to re-sort the list. Columns other than date are sorted in alphanumeric order.
  • Click a second time in the same column to reverse the sort order. For example, clicking Requirement once sorts alphabetically by Requirement name from A to Z; clicking a second time re-sorts from Z to A.

Each time you reorganize the list, the date/time Last Reviewed is used as the second criteria for sorting.

The Status of all submissions in this table will be one of the following values:

Status Icon Definition
Ready for Reconciliation image2.gif

All of the required reviews have been completed and need to be reconciled by the Review Manager.

Reconciliation in Progress image3.gif The Review Manager is in the midst of the reconciliation process.

Remaining columns of this grid specify the Participating Area, Workspace area (Category and Requirement), Workspace and Workspace Template.

The Action column contains a Reconcile button to navigate you to the Reconciliation screen.

When you navigate to the review screen for a specific submission, you also have the option to Send Back for Revision. This sends the work back to the Participating Area without a reconciliation of current reviews. When this feature is activated, all reviews for this submission are cancelled.

Filters, Features and Navigation

The header area of the page includes options to customize your view. The default setting for this display is to Show All Workspaces (of those you selected to reconcile) with reviews ready for reconciliation.

  • Use the drop-down menu in the Filter By box to narrow down the contents of the display to only submissions in a specific Workspace.
  • If you select to filter by a Workspace that uses Grouping Option 2 or 3, you can further narrow down the display to a specific Group.
  • Check if you want to include "no submission required" items
Should you refresh your display? 

During your work session, you may want to refresh the information displayed on this grid for one of several reasons:

  • If you decide to check to include “no submission required”, or you have changed the Filter, click the Update Display button to refresh your display accordingly.
  • If you want to change the Workspaces displayed, click the More Display Preferences button to navigate back to the selection screen. This is especially useful if you are viewing these results for Workspaces remembered from a previous session (i.e. if you bypassed the Select Workspaces screen) and would like to select other Workspaces to view.
  • If you want to refresh your display to reflect activity that has occurred since you navigated to this grid (such as new submissions or updated status), click Get Latest Data.

When the display requires multiple pages, navigation tools below the header enable you to browse from page to page.

 and Next links at either side of the screen enable you to move to the previous or next page in sequence.

To navigate to a specific page of the display

  1. Enter the Page number in the box provided
  2. Click Go
You can print or export the information in the Reconcile work queue display. 

Buttons at the top of the display provide two approaches to printing these results. Only those submissions currently displayed are printed/exported:

Print View Generate a print-ready version of the visible Items requiring Review or Release. It is recommended that your printer settings be set to landscape to allow more information to be displayed per page.
Export to Excel Export the visible data to an Excel spreadsheet. The report contains the column headers as well as those columns of information currently on display.

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