Calling for Additional Reviews

When an area has been reconciled and released, then the reconciled review must be canceled in order to have the option to call for an additional review. Please see the steps below:

1. From the review grid, go to area where you'd like to call for an additional review and click View/Edit
2. Click Cancel Reconciled Reviews. The Reconciled review will be cancelled - but the individual reviews will not. 
3. Click Cancel/ Delete Reconciled Review

To call for an additional review:
1. Return to the review grid (top left, breadcrumbs after you have canceled the reconciled review)
2. Click Reconcile for the area where the reconciled evaluation was canceled
3. Click Call for an Add'l Review
4. A window pops up- click Call for an Additional Review again to confirm.

The area will now be available to be reviewed again.

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