Review Submitted Work

To access a submitted Requirement, click Review. The system navigates to the Review area.  In the Review area, there are two (2) tabs: View Work and Review History.

The View Work tab shows you work submitted by the selected Participating Area.

If a form is used as part of work submission, you are able to view the form in two (2) ways: Open Below and Open Full Size.

Open Below offers you an expand and collapse in-line view of the form.  To view it in its entirety, use the scroll bar to navigate up and down the form.  

Open Full Size offers you a full view of the form in the current window.  The page provides a way to navigate back to the prior view of the page.  In addition, if you need to view the form in a new window, click the appropriate button (this option makes it easier to print the form, if needed).  You can also Export to Word.

If there are multiple forms included in the work submission, they appear consecutively down the page.

You can also save the work as a PDF (output is exactly the same as what is seen on the screen but does not include active links).

  1. Click Save as PDF.  
  2. A Taskstream PDF window loads. To proceed, click Save.

To view work that as been submitted in video format, click the video name.

The Review History tab displays a history of all Review actions for the Workspace requirement, including time and date of submission.

The History and Comments section displays information such as date an review has changed status, the type of status change, who performed the change, and any comments related to the change such as scores or any cancellations that have occurred to the review.

If there are reviews in progress that have NOT had data entered and were started 24 hours prior to cancellation, then those reviews are automatically cancelled. This ONLY occurs when the preference has been enabled at the OA level. Please contact your System Administrator for more details. The cancellation is applicable to the Oversee Evaluation permission.

To view the submitted work and begin the review process, click the View Work tab.  

Review Work opens the review form.

To review a Participating Area’s work submission, click Review Work.  The Participating Area work AND Review screen are both launched in two (2) separate side-by-side windows.  This provides a more complete outlook for the review.  This functionality also applies to reconciliations.  If no submission is required and your browser setting is smaller than 1024 X 768, then ONLY the Reviewer page loads.    

Basic review methods include: Pass/Fail, Meets Requirement/Does Not Meet Requirement, and Write-in Score.

Pass/Fail and Meets Requirement/Does Not Meet Requirement are default terms in AMS but these terms are customizable.  

Advanced review methods include Custom FormsRubrics, and Combined Review Method (Form + Rubric).  In some cases, a combination of a basic review method and an advanced review method can be used. In this case, the basic review method is either pass/fail, meets/does not meet requirement, or write-in score.  

The header displays the Participating Area’s name, the date and time the requirement was submitted, and any added review instructions.

The review screen also contains several numbered sections.


Send Back for Revision sends the work back to the Participating Area without a review. This button only appears in the cases where only one (1) review is required or during the first review when multiple reviews are required. Once one (1) review has been completed for a work submission that requires multiple reviews, subsequent Reviewers are not able to send work back for revision.  

Workspace Managers can choose not to provide Reviewers the permission to send work back. In this case, this button does not appear.


When work is sent back for revision, depending on Workspace Enrollment settings, the Reviewer might have the option to Send an External Email Notification to the Participating Area, with regard to the status change.


Cancel – Review Later cancels the review and allows you to re-address at a later time.

You must cancel the review in order to change the 'review in progress' status and allow someone else to review.

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